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mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 20:58:17

The GP has given phenergan for ds2, I know its an old, tried & tested medicine but i try to avoid giving him anything other than the essentials so I have never used it before.
Could anyone tell me please;
a. Does it work?
b. Are there any side effects?

Thanks Max.

anniebear Sun 08-Jul-07 21:07:27

My little girl didnt have any side effects, But I think it can sometimes make you feel a bit groggy in the morning

we are never sure if it did with her or not, she was usually a nark anyway lol

sorry, but it only worked for 2 nights for her

was two nights of bliss though! she slept till 6am!!! But the third night didnt have the same effect (the body gets used to it)

we did find though that when she woke in the night she came in our bed and did go back off to sleep quicker than normal

We got it on repeat prescription, it is hard to get it from the chemist unless you tell them it is for your childs travel sickness!

Hope that helps

mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 21:17:42

Thanks anniebear
He's had his first dose, loved the taste but is still bouncing about at the moment.
He is very dopey during the day anyway & I don't want to make that any worse.. its more for our benefit than his so i'll see how it goes.
Just one good nights sleep would be great, he used to be such a good sleeper but times have changed.

anniebear Sun 08-Jul-07 21:22:53

Its awful isnt it

We were so excited as we had 2 nights sleep and thought this is it!!!!

we could ahve had a party to celebrate lol

Just wish some one had told me the body can get used to it!!!

Yoiu never know, it might work for longer your DS

Hope so, let me know tomorrow if you got any extra sleep

Have you tried Melatonin?

Its meant to have some efect in 80% of children

Needless to say our DD was one of the 20%!!!!!

mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 21:33:45

Sleep deprivation... its torture, my boss actually thought I was hung over the other day -fat chance, his exact words were "blimey you look rough"
DS2 goes through spells of not sleeping so I'm hopeful a night of unbroken sleep may get him back into a good pattern (she says optimistically).
The GP did mention melatonin but said he would prefer to speak to ds's consultant before prescribing.
I'm a bit reluctant too so we'll give this a go first.
Have you found anything that works for your dd?

anniebear Sun 08-Jul-07 21:42:40


DD had Meningitis at 8 months old,she will be 6 next month

she suffered brain damage and has never slept through since (apart from those 2 nights lol)

It has got a lot better, she just to scream so much and bang on the walls with her chin and mouth til it bled

we had to stop trying to put her back to bed and let her in with us instead as she was hurting herself and we were at breaking point

now she wakes and comes into our room, depending on the time I sometimes put her back in her room, or if I don't wake or I am too tired to move lol, she just climbs in the middle!!!

But at least she goes back to sleep now

Problem at the moment is shes waking between 4.40am and 5am

I look like an OAP!!!

Actually, most OAP's look better than me

Sorry, Im in on my own tonight, no compay so Im waffling lol

But we are lucky in that she ahs always gone to bed fine

What about your Little DS?

mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 21:59:50

Nearly 6 years, thats a long time with little sleep, sorry i'm stating the obvious.. as if i need to tell you.
DS2 takes ages to go to sleep & he's noisy shouting for us etc & that keeps ds1 awake, he sleeps for a few hours & then wakes & because of his routines etc we have to start the bedtime routine from scratch to get him back to sleep.. but his teeth are clean .
then he wakes at about 5am.
thsi is the same boy that was sleeping for 15 hrs a night until about a year ago, he's just got progressively worse.
he also ahs cp & can't manage the stairs, so he has a gate on his door so we can't even let him just climb in with us.
Good news is I've just been up & he is snoring...hooray!

2shoesmiddlenamereallyisjane Sun 08-Jul-07 22:26:03

tried it with ds (nt) and it made him very hyper the next day.

mymatemax Sun 08-Jul-07 22:31:59

OOh better warn the childminder, thanks 2shoes

anniebear Mon 09-Jul-07 07:28:55

what kind of night did you have?

Must be horrible losing your evenings, thats one thing that keeps me going knowing I have a few hrs each night (few hours as Im off to bed at 9 lol)

Repating the routines must be awful. I know what it is like for my friend with her DD, but at the mo, she isnt doing them at night, apart from having t have the covers intact and having to sleep on a fleece

Hope you had a good night

mymatemax Mon 09-Jul-07 21:58:15

last night was FANTASTIC he slept a proper deep sleep, snoring all night & I had to go & wake him at 7.30
Put him to bed at 730 tonight without medicine but didn't settle so gave him a dose but has only just settled.. how long is it supposed to take to work?
Maybe i should give it with his dinner

Fingers crossed we have another good night if we do I'll try him tomorrow without, I'm not that keen on him taking it & want to save it for when i'm desperate for sleep iykwim.

anniebear Tue 10-Jul-07 12:13:08

Brilliant, really pleased for you

Not sure how long it takes to work sorry

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