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ABA- want to start.

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staryeyed Sun 08-Jul-07 10:07:27

Ok my son 2.2 has now got his ASD dx apparently (see earlier thread - lost in the woods) and I would like to set up ABA for him. I have loads of questions so bear with me.

Is there a way I can run a programme at a very low cost? No way I can fund a full time ABA for a year. I want to take on half the hours myself and possible get some family members on board and look for volunteers. Is this viable or am I mad?

I have been offered a place on the local project for autism which includes speech and occupational therapy (please ignore my rant earlier about OT ). Anyway if I take this place will it compromise getting a statement-will they say his needs are being met? What I want to do is get the statement process going in the hope that the LEA might eventually fund it. How likely is it?

Can anyone recommend an ABA consultant/project to use in the North London area?

Is anyone else here running ABA in North London or anywhere? Do you have any advice/ tips for me?

Christie Sun 08-Jul-07 10:23:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silverfrog Sun 08-Jul-07 10:31:14

Can't help, as I'm in the same position, and have the same questions, so will be watching with interest

electra Sun 08-Jul-07 10:41:03

Message withdrawn

staryeyed Sun 08-Jul-07 11:47:51

Thanks electra- that is really scarey information. I dont want to remove him from the project because there is no way I could fund a project for long enough to make it work -so that may his only provision. If the LEA were to turn down funding he would be left with nothing.

why do these things have to be so complicated?

gess Sun 08-Jul-07 12:01:56

starey eyed - we were in the same position and have run a part time ABA programme since ds1 was 5 (stopped for a while, recently re-started he's now 8).

Initially I was able to find a very experienced tutor and she worked on Saturdays. Last year I went on a Growing Minds course, paid for 6 months supervision (which you don't have to do, but it washelpful to have the programe kick started and now have tutors come in after school and some weekends. We pay for the tutors with direct payments, so it doesn't cost us anything (except the supervison but that's stopped now).

Davros Sun 08-Jul-07 13:05:17

Hi Starryeyed, I ran a full-time home ABA prog for 4 years and then part-time for about a year and a half IN NORTH LONDON! We were fully funded for over 3 of those first 4 years without Tribunal. I also ran a support group for ABAers in N London for 7 years until last year. So I can tell you plenty! I would beg you to be very cautious about who you take on to run the prog, it doesn't need to be full consultant level as they can be expensive and not give day-to-day benefits. It could be good to have someone like that on tap to do baseline and judge progress from time-to-time as evidence for LEA. I agree with Electra to avoid putting your DS into any provision if you can avoid it, it will compromise your ABA and make it very hard to prove benefits directly from ABA. I also think Lovaas/DTT style is the best way to start, get some basic skills in and learning behaviours established. You can then go more VB style as things progress, although the whole aim of a Lovaas/DTT prog IS to do exactly that, move away from table, generalise, become more "natural", Dr Lovaas says so but many people (even in ABA) are misinformed and do not understand the difference and similarities between approaches. Many tutors and supervisors prefer VB but that does not make it the right choice or more effective. I could go on (and on!) but must go to get DS ready for Play Club (in North London!). Do post again or CAT me. HTH

staryeyed Sun 08-Jul-07 14:08:02

Davros- if you dont mind me asking what borough funded you without a tribunal? How likely is funding from my borough? If you could recommend someone that would be very helpful. Have CAT'd you.

Davros Sun 08-Jul-07 19:14:36

I am in LB Camden. I know people in many other boroughs with mixed stories (Brent, Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Hackney etc). As you are in N London have you looked at TreeHouse? it is where DS goes. Although we are a long way from you in terms of children's ages, I have many contacts and could put you in touch with some great (sensible) parents. Haven't got the CAT yet but MNTowers prob having a w/e break quite rightly!

kitegirl Mon 09-Jul-07 15:06:18

Hi, we are doing Verbal Behaviour with Duncan Fennemore since march, our son is 3 1/4. It's made an astounding difference to his language, social communication skills, play skills, self help skills, and the whole family is more positive and happier. I cannot praise DF enough. Running a home programme is not easy, and finding the right team can take a while, but once you get it going it's fine. We are in the middle of statutory assessment at the moment (Southwark LEA) and are going to demand 30 hrs/week.

If you want to ask about
- Lovaas vs VB
- consultants
- recruiting tutors
- statutory assessment & ABA

CAT or e-mail kitegirl77 at I can't say that I am an expert on anything, but we've learned a lot over these past few months and I would be happy to share it with you. Agree with what has been said before - take your DS out of nursery, get a baseline of his skills & language before you start.


staryeyed Mon 09-Jul-07 18:18:35

Thanks Kitegirl- I have heard of Duncan Fenmore before I bet he's really busy.What is base lining and how do I get it done?

I understand that you guys are saying that I should not join the project because I have to prove the effectiveness of ABA to have a chance of LEA funding it but what happens if they dont? I really can not afford to fund a programme. Im so weary of taking the only provision he has been offered away. This feels like such a gamble. At the same time I really want to do full time ABA as I really believe that will help him.

Davros- really interested in Tree house would love to know more about it. I dont suppose it will be open much longer for me to go and visit. Would funding for Tree house be dependent on the proven effectiveness of ABA for DS as well?

staryeyed Mon 09-Jul-07 18:27:15

Have emailed you kitegirl

electra Mon 09-Jul-07 19:35:26

Message withdrawn

staryeyed Mon 09-Jul-07 20:07:09

Interesting Electra please do email me. I couldnt even afford a solicitor

Davros Tue 10-Jul-07 07:28:07

Starryeyed, Treehouse only has a 3 week summer holiday (hooray!). They break up at the end of July. They have visiting days listed on their website but you can phone and make another appt. A place would not be dependent on ABA suiting your child as evidence shows it pretty much benefit just about every child with ASD, plus those with other disabilities and even NT kids (think SuperNanny strategies to behaviour!). DO PLEASE CAT me before you go ahead with anyone. While I have heard nothing but good things for many years about DF I am not convinced he is the best use of your £££, although the may be. But he is not your only choice. What borough are you in?

staryeyed Tue 10-Jul-07 17:55:27

Please CAT me Davros I would love to know more about Treehouse and your advice on ABA.

Davros Tue 10-Jul-07 18:38:33

Aargh! When trying to CAT you Staryeyed I discovered that my MN subscription expired in January!!! I'm sure I haven't received anything telling me so or it may have been so cleverly embedded in one of their standard email that I didn't notice. I will subscribe again but don't have credit card to hand. If you are joined up then CAT me or I will prob do it tomorrow morning and then CAT you.

staryeyed Wed 11-Jul-07 15:31:23

Have CAT'd you again Davros.

Davros Thu 12-Jul-07 21:19:22

Staryeyed, have renewed my subscription but have not had a CAT!! I will try to CAT you now.

staryeyed Sat 14-Jul-07 15:00:07

Hi Davros,
I can't seem to get through with CAT. Please email me


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