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There are some truly kind people out there

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2shoesmiddlenamereallyisjane Sat 07-Jul-07 22:23:48

dd goes to respite at her school. she was in last night. today one of the staff got married. so dd and the others went to the church service. dd loved it and "sang" very loudly
she had one of the older girls as her bridemaid.
how lovely

frascati Sat 07-Jul-07 22:24:59

Aww how lovely 2shoes.

gess Sat 07-Jul-07 22:28:26


I was thinking this yesterday. There is a fruit and veg man who delivers to all the old ladies round here. I takes a box to my neighbours on Fridays. DS1 always goes to peer in the van & he always gives him an apple.

FioFio Sun 08-Jul-07 21:28:37

Message withdrawn

FioFio Sun 08-Jul-07 21:28:49

Message withdrawn

2shoesmiddlenamereallyisjane Sun 08-Jul-07 21:31:27

and you know what my first name is

anniebear Sun 08-Jul-07 21:48:58

Arrh thats so lovely

FioFio Mon 09-Jul-07 08:31:00

Message withdrawn

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