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'Cognitive Visual Therapy & Creative Thinking' - does anyone know anything about this company?

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AttilaTheMum Fri 06-Jul-07 11:25:43

I was wondering if anyone had come across or used this company who offer private therapy for special needs children?

AttilaTheMum Fri 06-Jul-07 21:43:17

bump for evening people...

moondog Sat 07-Jul-07 19:16:47

link it,we'll have a look..

AttilaTheMum Mon 09-Jul-07 11:37:25

Sorry for delay - been away.

The website doesn't really tell you much, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience of these people (I can't really give too many details of the circumstances because it's to do with my work at a school with a SN resource)

AttilaTheMum Mon 09-Jul-07 11:37:35


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