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School visit a success

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jenk1 Wed 04-Jul-07 18:43:34

went to independent school today with ds and dh.
he loved it
it is a lovely school and they were very positive, they have other children like ds who for one reason or another couldnt manage in mainstream school.
they said they will contact our lea and make a decision if they can meet ds needs.
hopefully they will and then its up to the lea whether they agree or we go back to tribunal.

ladygrinningsoul Wed 04-Jul-07 18:47:47

Oh, that sounds like good news.

Blandmum Wed 04-Jul-07 18:50:53

Sounds great jenk. Hope the LEA see sense and things are sorted for you.

tobysmumkent Wed 04-Jul-07 23:02:32

Message withdrawn

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