My sons behaviour change since his siblings birth.

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Seline Tue 12-Feb-19 07:42:29

DS1 is suspected autistic spectrum and ADHD. He's three which is young for ADHD but as I have it myself I recognised it and they're taking it seriously.

He's developmentally delayed with his speech and potty training but is improving with both of these. I can actually have a conversation with him now which is lovely!

He never really had terrible twos but all.of a sudden he's getting aggressive and having huge meltdowns. The issue is he will look me in the eyes and then come up and smack me, kick me or bite me when told no. He will throw things at me, hit himself, hit me. He does this to other kids too and sometimes apparently it's unprovoked at nursery he will just walk up to someone and push them over. I understand the frustration more than that one!

I don't know how to help him or why he's doing it. He's only started doing it since I had my twins. They were very very premature and we spent a long time in hospital during which DS1 stayed with my mum a lot because I was unwell as were the twins. So my only thought is that the uncertainty has really upset him.

He challenges me on everything and seems willing to fight me constantly.

However...He's also very sweet, kind and caring. He loves his brother and sister, he likes to help me, he's funny...I don't understand it.

How do I deal with this? It makes me nervous that he's willing to be so aggressive.

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