Birthday present for son turning 4 - pls help

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coco2891 Tue 29-Jan-19 21:56:14

Hi everyone , really struggling with ideas for my nearly 4 year old . He's likely on the spectrum (assessment next week) and it's his birthday the day after. He's non verbal (says lots of singular words -no conversation) has big problems with communication. I really want to get something useful, we've got so many Christmas presents just sat not being played with so feels like a waste .My mum is getting him a tuff tray and stand I suggested so I can set up some activities for him. He lives animals and has hundreds ! So doesn't need any more . I just really don't know what to her him - so hoping for some suggestions 😅
Thank you xxx

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magicroundabouts Tue 29-Jan-19 23:35:36

Hi OP - your DS sounds very similar to mine. He loves animals too and will be turning 5 this summer. For his last birthday he was given Crocodile Dentist game and he plays with this a lot (also good for practicing turn taking!).

Does your DS like messy play? On amazon you can get motion sand safari and 3D zoo sets. These are a big hit with my DS as is play doh. We have the Dino tools and Rex Chomper sets.

On a more practical note, do you have a large exercise/birthing ball? It does take up a lot of room, but is very well used and is great for sensory input.

Sound books have been a hit with DS too. We recently bought Going on a Bear Hunt and I think there are sound versions for a few other classics like The Gruffalo, which reminds me I need to buy a few more myself!

EatsFartsAndLeaves Tue 29-Jan-19 23:50:57

What does he play with already? Anything he uses at nursery etc that you don't have at home? Duplo would be my first choice based on his age alone, does he like that or lego?

coco2891 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:37:53

Thanks for the replies -good idea to ask nursery.
He's not interested in sound books , I searched everywhere for this leap pad 100 words book before Xmas and he's played with it once 😫
He has motion sand which he quite likes , we have a shark dentistry game like crocodile and he's not a fan of building x

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coco2891 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:43:00

@magicroundabouts going to get the play doh sets on amazon thanks for that he'll like them and got loads of play doh at Xmas

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