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wheelchair topbox

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1legmummy Mon 02-Jul-07 19:43:52

Is anyone interested in buying my topbox, I used it during an operation to amputate my leg and work thought I would need it long term, but I have proved them wrong and it was hardly used.

It gets fitted onto the top of your car and electrically picks your wheelchair up and stores it in the roof then when you stop you can press a button and it sets it down on the ground next to the door.

It cost £3000.00 new, we are looking for £300.00 ono.

We have been told it would cost approx £150.00 to fit, although my Dad says if you are electrically minded this is easy.

It is currently in Pommegranate red but we had is sprayed so it could be easily sprayed another colour.

Any questions please ask, we live in Eastleigh Hampshire, it is very big so would be collection only.

I also have the roof bars for the new shape Astra that I will include if you need them

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