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how do I help DS find a friend?

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iwearflairs Mon 02-Jul-07 15:55:45

DS is 3 with possible, though not definitely diagnosed mild AS. He is very verbal and has reading ability of a 6 year old. Very gentle, likes spelling and cement mixers. Meanwhile, he has some social development issues - is not that interested in his peers but is often interested in slightly older children. He wants to be with them/play with them but hasn't figured out how.

I don't know any 4 year olds and I really want to find a regular playfriend for DS, especially over the summer. He doesn't really like groups very much.

Can anyone advise me how I could find someone for remedial friend-making for him? Are there any SN groups that I could contact? Or is there anyone in the same boat who would like an assignation in the sand-pit?

We live in SW London and but I don't think my local NAS branch does more than organise lectures, according to the website.

dustystar Mon 02-Jul-07 16:02:01

Are there any parent support groups near you?

dustystar Mon 02-Jul-07 16:07:51

If you contact your local childrens services (the number will be in the book) they will be able to tell you of any support groups in your area.

dustystar Mon 02-Jul-07 16:11:19

Look here to find the childrens information service nearest to you.

castlesintheair Mon 02-Jul-07 16:21:18

Obviously, I don't know whereabouts you are in SW London but this place organises little social groups of mixed ages & activities for children with communication difficulties. They are based in SW14. They may be able to advise you of other places nearer to you. hth

caroline3 Mon 02-Jul-07 17:07:36

Hi, your ds sounds really sweet!!

My suggestion is that you contact the local parent partnership. You local council should have some details. They provide support for newly diagnosed kids and should be able to introduce you to others in the same boat.

ladygrinningsoul Mon 02-Jul-07 19:13:30

We're in a similar boat to you (DS 3.8, HFA, talks a lot but it all sounds a bit weird, similar reading ability, likes computers and cars) and not that far away (Twickenham), if you fancy meeting up and seeing how they get on?

iwearflairs Tue 03-Jul-07 16:55:54

thank you everybody - will contact my council

also, ladygrinningsoul - we would love to meet up. Could I CAT you to see where would be best?

ladygrinningsoul Tue 03-Jul-07 20:41:48

Yes, please do, or send an email to oldmrsnazz at yahoo dot co dot uk, and I'll reply with my "real" email address.

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