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Scared about autism ... please help.

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chillyigloo Mon 02-Jul-07 14:19:32

I've also posted this in the behaviour section, but someone sugested I post here too. I'm sorry if I seem over paranoid ...

My daughter is 7 months old.

She doesn't make eye contact at all when being held or up close with anyone, however from a few feet away will make good eye contact and smile at anyone.

Also, she doesn't respond to voices at all. I know her hearing is ok but I can call her name over and over without any reaction from her.

I'm so scared about autism that I'm making myself ill. I know it's too soon to get any sort of diagnosis, but does anyone have experience with these traits and their child has gone on to be either autistic or not. Either way I'd like to hear about it.

Thanks in anticipation,
A very tearful Mummy!

caroline3 Mon 02-Jul-07 14:45:59

Hi Chillyigloo. I am really sorry that you are going through this. There are loads of us on this board that can totally relate to your worries so please don't tell yourself that you are paranoid or apolgise for that. I know exactly how it feels to start having worries about your child.

My ds did not smile until he was about 12 weeks old. I had a feeling something was wrong and I am afraid that this was confirmed at a later stage - he has Asphergers Syndrome (a type of autism). The good news is however that he has progressed amazingly since he started getting the correct support at school.

You don't say whether you have approached your GP yet. I would advise you talk to her or your HV about your worries/concerns. The earlier appropriate intervention starts the better the outcome is. 7 months is very young of course and I don't want to alarm you. However if you have concerns about development it is better to face up to them rather than stick your head in the sand and make yourself sick with worry.

There are lots of lovely posters on here whose kids have an ASD and they are a great source of wisdom and comfort so please keep posting, I found it very helpful (and still do).

chillyigloo Mon 02-Jul-07 20:23:22

I haven't get approached my Hv or GP as I know the response already ... she's 7 months. It's far too soon to tell.

Whilst I do know that, it doesn't stop me being afraid. I must sound so selfish as I've got a beautiful, healthy daughter but I can't put my fears to rest. I'm sorry to say it consumes my every waking hour (and a fair few of my sleeping ones too!).

Surely she should be responding to my voice and looking people in the eye by now?

mummytosteven Mon 02-Jul-07 20:24:23

Have posted on your thread in the Behaviour/Development section.

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