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Tax Credits Review - Help Panicking

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mummy2aaron Fri 29-Jun-07 10:51:11

I updated the information last may when DS2 got his DLA award and told them about my Carers Allowance too. Just done my annual review on the phone and they have no note of it grrrr so I had to give them my amount for last year. Is it taxable - will I owe lots of money to them? It was £2206 total last year, is that enought to make a big difference?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 29-Jun-07 10:55:18

It is considered 'taxable'. Hope it doesn't mean you've been overpaid.

I'm claiming carers and TBH it's more aggro than it's worth. I have to watch my hours at work as I'm pretty much up to the limit and it's pushed us just over the limit for claiming EMA this year so I'll have to finance ds2 at college. I would probably have been better off not claiming it.

mummy2aaron Fri 29-Jun-07 11:40:17

I will have been overpaid then from May last year, will i just have to pay the taxable part of it back? I am a little hazy on all this.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 29-Jun-07 12:23:56

It depends - I think they sort of 'band' the income so if it hasn't taken you up into the next band then it should be OK.

I was overpaid last year.....

by 69p! They've still taken it back though.

mummy2aaron Fri 29-Jun-07 14:18:29

Is it grouped in with dh's income or taken as mine as it is below what i can earn before being taxed?

cat64 Fri 29-Jun-07 14:39:35

Message withdrawn

mummy2aaron Fri 29-Jun-07 14:46:52

ok thanks cat i will

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