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beepbeep321 Sat 05-Jan-19 07:44:21

Hi all, I'm becoming increasingly concerned that my son has aspergers.
Since he was a toddler he has been obsessed with numbers, lining things up etc. His behaviour has always been tricky, but I put it down to age etc. Now he is 6 he is full on obsessed with sequences of numbers, numbers, dates etc. He makes noises when he is uncomfortable and sometimes struggles to make eye contact. His language is amazing, quite advanced at times, yet he is increasingly struggling with being really literal. He really struggles with waiting - but again, I've always thought age appropriate - but now I'm not so sure.
I am planning to raise this with his teacher - but I am worried that they will brush it all aside as at school he is fine. Incredibly bright at maths, bright in other subjects and behaves brilliantly.
Does anyone have any experience here? I'm a bit lost!

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TheMincePiesAreMine Mon 07-Jan-19 16:50:19

We were also reassured by DS' teachers at that age. Y1 and Y2 teachers were both fabulous and supported him in all the right ways, but I think I gave too much credence to their views that he had too many friends, and was too well behaved, to actually be autistic.

Then he moved to junior school, and the wheels fell off, and only then did he get referred to start the long wait for assessment. Whether he could have been diagnosed age 6, before things had really gone wrong, I honestly don't know. But my advice is to trust your instincts. Teacher are not diagnosticians, don't let them put you off. However an initial chat with the class teacher and SENCo might be helpful.

I found it very helpful to keep reminding myself that we weren't "seeking diagnosis" - we aren't qualified to determine if he is autistic or not. We were simply asking for assessment by someone suitably qualified, because there were enough ticks on the screening test to warrant further investigation.

beepbeep321 Mon 07-Jan-19 19:24:29

Ty, I guess I want to see if the teachers have noticed any characteristics before I potentially speak to the Drs - I'm guessing that is the next step.

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MumUnderTheMoon Wed 09-Jan-19 22:36:55

If your child is on the spectrum then they would be diagnosed as being autistic as professionals no longer diagnose types of autism eg Aspergers/PDA. You don't need to go to the school for a diagnosis autism diagnosis are handled by referral through your GP, either to paediatrics or mental health services. Go to the GP be specific about your concerns and tell them you want an autism assessment referral, do not ask they are legally required to refer you so don't leave without one.

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