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going to independent school next week with DS

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jenk1 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:35:55

the lady phoned me today and said she,d notified my LEA last week of 2 dates when we could go for DS to have an admission asessment, she thought it strange that noone had been in touch so thought she better had ring me.
surprise surprise our LEA hasnt notified us

Anyway, we are going next weds at 11am, they are going to show me and dh and ds round the school then have a chat with ds and do some spellings/sums (she said they are really easy) and then that afternoon they will decide if they can offer him a place.

we are so hoping that they will as this is our last shot, he will never get back into mainstream, he only has a year left before secondary, please send us positive vibes for next weds.
hopefully this nightmare with our LEA that we,ve had for 2 years can finally be over.


maddiemostmerry Wed 27-Jun-07 12:54:50

good luck

macwoozy Wed 27-Jun-07 14:39:24

Fingers crossed it all goes well on Wednesday

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