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Randomsunshineovermull Sat 29-Dec-18 01:40:03

We are currently in Surrey with no school place for my 7 year old and no prospect of anything within a 40 minute travel time. I’m also separating from my husband. With ridiculous house prices and family in north Wales I’m considering relocation, any recommendations for LEAs who aren’t dreadful? Schools for complex behaviour but potential for high functioning with support, bonus points for proximity to good mainstream schools that aren’t oversubscribed my youngest has just started reception.
Not asking much!! Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Fairylea Sat 29-Dec-18 09:29:52

Being very honest I think you’ll find most children with sen travel a long way to get to school. My son has autism and learning disabilities and travels for an hour each way (26 miles) in a taxi with an escort to get to his complex needs school - he is 6. He actually doesn’t mind the journey, he has an iPad and headphones and enjoys playing games etc on the way. I wouldn’t rule a school out on the basis of a long journey.

Randomsunshineovermull Sat 29-Dec-18 15:15:14

Unfortunately she’s not a good traveler so distance will need to be a factor sad, but it’s more about relocating to afford a nice house as we won’t be able to afford much - if anything in Surrey!

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