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Turned Down For DPs- any advice?

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JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 14:02:07

Hi there everybody, sorry I haven't been on for ages. I just wanted to ask your advice. I've been turned down for DPs for DD. They said they are looking into a link family for 'day care'. I just think this sounds really hard to pull off, a family who will have DD after school and on Saturdays?! I know our council are short of money but I am really fed up. I know other families who get DPs. DD has severe autism and severe learning difficulties AND Number 3 is due in December! I've said I will appeal and just wondered what other people get and what I should say?

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 14:37:18

Whilst I think not actually ' illegal' (although could be) really bad practice- have written about this. If you are assessed as being in need of a service you do have the right to ask for that in dps. Have a read \link .html\here} Follow the 'direct payments' link and it takes you to the govt website- it say about it there. Will browse for you now.

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 14:37:43

oh bollards

JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 14:44:14

Ta so much love. Is this your website? How fab. It's great. Will have to read in detail. I'm a bit taken back, to be honest. I'm not being greedy and asking for the moon, just a bit of help!
How are things going with you? Any more strange movements?

geekgirl Tue 26-Jun-07 14:46:56

sorry to hear this JakB - gess has really good advice re. DP, without the information she's given me I would have given up long ago.

You really have to keep at it - I first made contact with SS re. DP 2 years ago and have only just been granted them.

JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 14:51:07

Yet another example of how we have to fight for everything, eh?!!!!
As if life isn't hard enough?
I'm only 4 months pregnant and I'm already struggling to meet DD's basic physical needs such as dressing and changing nappies etc as she is so strong and uncooperative. Maybe I will just turn up with a wriggly DD plus 4-year-old plus newborn in DEcember and sob?!!!!!

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 14:52:48

Have a look at the first page of the parents guide. "a disabled child will be eligible for direct payments if he/she is eligible for a service".

There's more specific stuff out there, will search later....

geekgirl Tue 26-Jun-07 14:54:07

you have to throw the book at them. when I started quoting from the material gess has linked to they finally caved in.

such a PITA

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 14:54:34

oh movements plenty- but I have been hopeless and havent manage to get from computer onto DVD- must do that.....

My dps were straightforward but still took a year to organise. SS work outside normal time frames. Will search later for the clincher about services and dps

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 15:01:48

Have a look at the direct payments guidance (for councils- on that link) page 5 point 5 "direct payments should ...always be considered when deciding howw to meet a person's care needs. If the conditions are met, a council has a duty to make a direct payment, Payments may only be made if the person agrees and they have a choice of whether to receieve services provided by the council. Recipients of services should ot be influenced in their choices one way or the other".

JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 15:06:00

Fab, thanks Gess.
What a pain. I don't suppose they back date them either even if they take years to sort out.
Have DS's movements changed or the same?

gess Tue 26-Jun-07 15:08:45

same- the paed said she discussed it with someone and they don't think its seizure related..... I must do the DVD - have been paperwork drowned....... DS3 having squint looked at tomorrow!

No chance of backdating..... You should have a voluntary (non council funded) DP support team locally- worth talking to them as well, mine were and have continued to be incredibly helpful......

JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 15:14:13

That's good that it's not likely to be seizures. Yes, we have an independent parent advisory body (funded by the government, I think, but independent). I will call them.

MABS Tue 26-Jun-07 15:40:03

good luck hun xx

onlyjoking9329 Tue 26-Jun-07 15:48:38

i don't see how they can say no, if they are offering you a service then they can transfer those hours they offer into DP's well they can if they want to
it took a year to get DP's sorted for my 3,sometimes they will tell you if you get DPs you can't have any other services, this is not true, due to DH's ongoing health problem we have been given twice monthly short breaks respite {day time care} they are still trying to find a family for my 2 girls.

2shoes Tue 26-Jun-07 17:25:05

hiya Jakb
interestin that. we had a linkfamily. 3 in fact the 3rd family were brilliant but due to a legal matter it stopped over night.
You will be under the same ss as me unless you have moved. they are saying NO to everything. when I asked for an increase in out respite they said NO no if buts or maybe's. it was only after i said I was apealing and told them a family thing did they up it.
are you with the C.D.T they always try a link family as it is cheap. but in my opion not a good option. the waiting list is long and the "fanmilys" illequiped. I alos found the "familys" needs were put above ours iynwim.
email me and I ill tell you some of the things I and and others have told them that help(to private to put on here)

JakB Tue 26-Jun-07 18:52:23

Yes, they are being very cagey. She didn't say outright, 'we are not giving you direct payments', just a vague statement about link contacting me and 'can I confirm DD is on holiday scheme'. I think the fact I am trying a holiday scheme out for the first time is being held against me in terms of DPs but I am sick of playing games. I ended up not sending DD to nursery as was worried about ABa funding and I don't want to go down that road again. 2shoes, yep, think we are the same council. Have e-mailed you honey.

2shoes Tue 26-Jun-07 19:09:32

have replied. what playscheme are you trying(wonder if it is the one i use)

FioFio Tue 26-Jun-07 19:56:46

Message withdrawn

FioFio Tue 26-Jun-07 19:57:44

Message withdrawn

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