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Funding for 1 to 1's in Nursery

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alycat Mon 25-Jun-07 11:59:20

My area/cluster Senco has just been around to see my DS. He will be going to a new independant schools nursery 3 am a week from Sept where I will have to pay for a 1 to 1 for him (have been doing it at a diff independent school for 2 terms already)

She said it is possible for the LEA to give funding for extra support for him before he is statemented. It goes to the school, it is up to the school how they spend it, but it has to be on man hours to support DS - so they could reduce my costs by using it to pay for his 1 to 1. Because if he went to the local preschool group they would have to provide it, so it doesnt matter that it is the preschool of a private school.

She is asking for the funding at the September Mayems (Multi agency educational meeting?)

I remebered there was a post on here re statementing/funding for independent school and hope this might help someone.

ladygrinningsoul Mon 25-Jun-07 17:40:18

My DS attends a private Montessori nursery and they have just applied for funding for a 1 to 1 for him to help facilitate imaginary play.

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