toddlers obsessed with washing machines

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skjr2018 Tue 04-Dec-18 18:07:37

came across a old thread while researching and thought I would make a new one.. anyone else have issues with this ?
my two and a half year old son loves the washing machine .. he always has started from few months watching it to spinning his toys in circles to now standing in front of it spinning a item of clothing into a perfect ball making all the noises.. he has every one to a tee. when its finished I have to take them out straight away and he has to turn it on he wont let me, same applies for tumble dryer, dishwasher ,turning on and off lights, closing and opening door.,tantrums in the mornings if I attempt to take his coat off all has to be done himself oh and the hoover is another one I cant roll up the wire I have to leave it there so he can use his hands to make it into a circle.. anyone else ever experienced this ?? wondering if its some sort of phase . I have a 6 year old daughter and she was completely different .. was independent too but nothing like that

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BackforGood Tue 04-Dec-18 23:35:07

Didn't want to leave you unanswered.
It is difficult for any of us to say, with just this to go on.
From your title, I was going to say 'Yes, ds used to love watching the washing machine too' but then you've gone a bit more in to it and it becomes more into a situation where I'd like to ask more questions.
I have experienced that with children who've later gone on to get diagnosed with additional needs, but equally, it could well be a phase of 'being a stubborn 2 yr old' which he will outgrow. Really difficult to know without knowing the whole person.
What is his spoken language like ?
What is his understanding like ?
Other play skills ?
Does he have any sensory differences?
Does he sleep well?

skjr2018 Wed 05-Dec-18 00:00:22

Thanks so much for your reply back.. I'm hoping that's all it is and just being very independent.. I will definitely keep watching him and see how it develops.. His speech is average for his age hes coming along every day. Really reaching all his milestones and sleeps great.. He's very sociable too speaks to everyone he sees. Currently potty training too and he's doing so well. So not to worried about him reaching all his milestones it's the torture of tantrums if I turn off a light or attempt to do anything really

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