Low muscle tone & hypermobility footwear!!

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JKCR2017 Fri 30-Nov-18 09:40:06

Hi all, DD is three and a few weeks ago we seen a physiotherapist who told us that she has low muscle tone and hyper mobility. DD already wore kickers and the physiotherapist told us to keep using them as they are really supportive for her ankles and just as good as the boots the NHS can provide.

Anyway, she wears her kickers for Pre school and when she’s going to be particularly active on her feet etc but would you allow your children to wear ‘normal’ shoes for those times they are going to be doing much walking?

Her kickers are bright pink. Tomorrow we have a formalish event to go to. Her pink boots may look a bit silly in her dress. Would you allow her to wear less supportive shoes as a one off? She has a pair of suede boots from clarks that I could put on her?

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Birdsfoottrefoil Fri 30-Nov-18 17:39:46

Bright pink/clashing footwear is fine for a three year old - they grow so fast it doesn’t make sense to buy footwear for every occasion. Having said that, other shoes will be fine for a one-off.

StillMedusa Sun 02-Dec-18 15:54:39

Wearing non supportive shoes won't do her any harm in the short term smile
My DS2 has low tone and wears AFOS (splints) and also orthopaedic boots but for occasions he wears ordinary shoes and now and again trainers and no harm done.

ElyElyOy Sun 02-Dec-18 19:51:09

I was told by my sons OT that wearing non-supportive footwear is fine as long as it’s not the norm, and that the majority of the time they are barefoot or in a supportive shoe. A morning/whatever won’t matter.

Also clashing footwear won’t matter either. My footwear still never seems to suit the occasion either and I’m 35 grin

JKCR2017 Thu 06-Dec-18 20:51:26

Thank you everyone! 😊

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