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Meeting with Headteacher over DD,s black eye

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jenk1 Fri 22-Jun-07 15:47:56

dont know if i posted this but last friday dd came home and she had a purple bruise under her eye, she said a boy had hit her in the face.
this is about the 3rd incident in a month where one of the twin boys in her nursery hae done something to her and the nursery say "well she doesnt say anything"
she has a communication disorder possible asd and cannot tell effectively what has happened but she tells us when she gets home.
so we wrote a letter to the head accusing her of not protecting DD and why were accident forms not being given to us.
we have a meeting with her on monday and the SENCO, who i have had a few run ins before with so this should be interesting.........

coppertop Fri 22-Jun-07 15:59:32

At the very least they should have filled in a form explaining that dd had an injury, even if they were unable to say what the actual cause was. The bruise was on her face so someone at nursery must have seen it, surely?

Good luck with the meeting.

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