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Loft Insulation for free - because of benefits - e.g.DLA - have you had this done too ?

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Oblomov Fri 22-Jun-07 10:42:30

There was a quote in the paper last week. All to do with the 'green issues' obviously. I gave them a call. They came round this morning. Becasue we get DLA, (there are loads of other benefits that entitle people to this service )our loft and cavity walls will be done for free, saving over £900.
I am well chuffed.

ClutterJunkie Fri 22-Jun-07 17:36:59

we did last year!

I was really impressed- all done within 3 weeks of the 1st visit.

We had a huge ammount of really thick stuff laid in loft (we had to lift floor boards ourselves....they even left 2 spare rolls for us to use to fill gaps if there were any as the stuff settled!)

they also fixed draught excluder around doors.

my AS son even 'helped' the men...they seemed totally at ease/used to the noise that my boys made.

so...highly recommend this!

mymatemax Fri 22-Jun-07 19:22:51

That sounds good, if you don't mind me asking who did you contact?

ClutterJunkie Fri 22-Jun-07 23:40:15


hope that helps!

mymatemax Sat 23-Jun-07 15:00:36

Thanks for that I'll be on the phone Monday morning.
Not sure if we will qualify but worth a call?

chonky Sat 23-Jun-07 15:16:43

We did that a couple of years ago, its well worth it.

mymatemax Sat 23-Jun-07 15:30:54

Well I couldn't wait until Monday so thought I'd try ringing today.
I spoke to a lady, apparently because DLA is paid to a child & not the householder & our combined income is over £15k we don't qualify.
She did give me the number for the energy advice centre to see if we qualify for anything that may be running locally so I'll give them a ring on Monday.

FioFio Sat 23-Jun-07 16:57:54

Message withdrawn

Graciefer Sun 24-Jun-07 11:49:11

I had no luck with this, they sent a surveyor round who measured up and made it all sound nice and simple.

A few weeks later the installers arrived, went into bedroom to do first loft (we have 2 seperate lofts) came out 30 seconds later and said "sorry love, can't do that one, the hatch is to small".

They them got into second loft, carried all the rolls of insulation up and came down 5 minutes later saying "we can't do this loft because the beams were not strong enough, look at the cracks we have put in your bedroom ceiling".

They then informed me that the company would have to send out some lighter workmen and someone from the office would phone me within a few days.

Three weeks later I telephoned Warmfront to ask them what was happening, they informed me that I had cancelled installation, as the computer clearly said 'Customer cancellation'.

Obviously I told them this was rubbish, but the long and short of it was they told me they wouldn't be doing any of the work and the damage to my ceilings were my responsibility. Goodness knows why they send surveyors around.

I really hope everyone else who goes for this, has much better luck than me.

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