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PECS work on attributes such as small/big. Anyone help me with some ideas please....

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moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 16:21:01

we use regular and small Jaffa cakes and also those huge Smarties,regular Smarties and tiny M&Ms (although shelves mysteriously free of these at present)
Anyone else have some really great ideas/know about mini versions of branded goods?

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:28:20

Does it have to be food? Superdrug does lots of mini sizes of shampoo, body lotion etc.

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 16:28:54

Yes,they would be fun for work at a later stage of PECS!
Thanks,great tip!

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:30:40

Mini Oreo cookies. They come in a tub, versus the packet for the normal size.

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:31:10

(have spotted them in Waitrose)

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 16:32:09

Oooh,would be perfect!

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:33:37

Mini Milka chocolates - in the mauve wrapping, with a grazing cow on the front - versus a normal 100g Milka bar.

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:35:36

Bottled waters - Vittel, Perrier etc - 33ml versus 1 l or 1.5 l

dinosaur Thu 21-Jun-07 16:39:00

If there are other children with an ASD who love Marmite ricecakes as much as DS3 does - then you could use normal size marmite ricecakes and the mini ones.

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 17:20:54

Keep 'em coming please!

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 17:44:01

Mini Coca Cola / Diet Coke cans (aeroplane size). You can get them here in Carrefour, don't know about the UK.

silverfrog Thu 21-Jun-07 17:50:24

M&S do mini chocolate fingers, could use with Cadbury normal size?

Also M&S - mini chocolate rolls vs normal mini rolls?

gess Thu 21-Jun-07 17:51:49

big small thomas tank engines. Will depend on the individual child's reinforcers though obviously.

silverfrog Thu 21-Jun-07 17:52:29

And Cadbury buttons - can also get Giant Buttons...

gess Thu 21-Jun-07 17:53:51

think sweets or non food are better than big things like biscuits or you'll only get one exchange before being stuffed!

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 17:55:47

and extra-mini Cadbury buttons (in the cake decorating section of Waitrose)

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:01:03

Barilla mini pasta - mini penne, mini fusilli etc.

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 18:04:54

Love the tiny button thing-perfect!
Forgot about them!

Yes, I know re large food items Gess!
(Although little boy I was working with today made so many requests for biscuits-bits of-that at one stage I thought he was going to asphyxiate on the crumbs!)

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 18:05:28

Never seen that Barilla mini pasta.That would be fun in a craft session too..

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:07:00

You can get it here everywhere. I think I've seen it in Waitrose.

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:07:39

(can you tell we like little girls' make-believe in this family?)

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:09:59

Bonne Maman jam - they do mini-pots in packs of three.

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:12:00

You can get mini marshmallows in cake baking sections too. Not sure about the brand.

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:13:09

Mini blinis

Anna8888 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:13:37

Mini French toast (the stuff for canapés)

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