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Lolly2803 Mon 19-Nov-18 13:49:04

Hi, I am a little concerned about one of my twins. She is 17 months old (born 7 weeks prematurely). She doesn't always make eye contact, or seem bothered by other people or children. She is bothered by me but that's pretty much it. She doesn't look if I point out things either.
I've been reading up on autism and it seems those are some red flags. She doesn't show really the other signs I don't think so just looking for some advice or help from anyone who knows more. xx

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LightTripper Mon 19-Nov-18 14:22:26

It is very young but worth keeping an eye out. Is she verbal at all: babbling or making words? If not you could see if there is a local SLT drop in service - they might be able to give you some tips on engaging with her and helping bring out her communication skills.

I think at 17 months you can also do the M CHAT test online (you can just Google for it - there are lots of versions but I think they should all be the same), which might give you an idea whether it is worth going to the GP or not?

If it's mainly "sight" related stuff (responding to pointing, giving eye contact, etc.) is it worth getting an eye test? Though I don't know how early they can do that - but your GP could advise? I know some families worry about autism and it turns out their DC have hearing problems.

Lolly2803 Mon 19-Nov-18 14:39:12

So she is babbling and making noises and sounds and she does say Mama and Dada. I don't think it's her eyes as it's more getting her attention that's sometimes difficult.
Ok I'll look that up thank you xxx

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