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Question about changing nappies in school

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dayandnight Wed 20-Jun-07 16:39:22

My ds who is 5 has SN and still wears nappies.

He goes to a mainstream school and I used to go into school to change his nappies when needed.
We are currently applying for a statement.

Since having another child this is not possible and the school are ok with changing him at the moment and is done by a TA ,sometimes somebody different.

Is anyone else in this situation and does he need to be changed with someone else present?

coppertop Wed 20-Jun-07 17:04:25

According to this link here it's not necessary to have a second person present. If you scroll down it's under Child Protection.

Ds2 is 4, due to start school soon and is still in nappies.

coppertop Wed 20-Jun-07 17:05:56

You need to click on the Continence Policy file.

dayandnight Wed 20-Jun-07 17:12:27

Thanks coppertop ,will take a look

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