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Permanet exlusion or voluntary move?? What do I do!!!

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sarah573 Wed 20-Jun-07 14:57:42

I had a very lengthy meeting yesterday with DS1s teacher, HT, SENCO, LEA and exclsions officer (talk about a firing squad!!).

The upshort is that they feel that they have done all they can for DS1 (9).

They all agreed with the Ed Pshys 'dx' of aspergers, and understand that DS's problems are being caused by this and not him simply being a naughty child.

I disagree that they have done all they can as we are still in the process of getting a statement and an official DX. The LEA have also provided funding for a 1:1 worker for DS for 10 hrs a week. The school have not managed to fill the post.

The school were very keen for DS to voluntarily move schools. Although they were really careful not to offer this as an alternative to a permanet exlusion the implication was clearly there!!!

I have 2 other children at the same school and no car. It would be impossible for me to take 2 children to one school and one to another. All 3 would have to move, and the nearest other school would involve a bus ride.

The conclusion of the meeting was that DS will be allowed back to school for 2 hours a day and that he would change class. This is pending a risk assessment because of his aggressive behaviour.

It was made blatantly clear that this was the last option and that if DS has another meltdown at school he will not be going back.

So my question is - when DS meltsdown when he returns on Monday (which in a new class of new children I feel is likely) and I am called to the school, do let them permanetly exclude him, or would I be better to agree to a voluntary move?


AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 20-Jun-07 16:00:25

I would advise you to speak to IPSEA (try them first off) or the NAS as soon as possible.

IPSEA's website ( has information on there re exclusions.

caroline3 Wed 20-Jun-07 16:00:51

Hi I would NOT move ds w/out an official exclusion. Why should you (unless ds himself is suffering). He obviously needs a lot more support than he is getting at present. Have you contacted the LEA yet? They may be able to help out with finding a LSA etc.

Also, I am afriad to say this, but other schools might not be prepared to take ds until he has a statement sorted out, so a "voluntary move" might not be as easy as the school are suggesting.

It may be that, in the long term, ds needs to be in a special school. I would have thought an official exclusion will make this easier to sort out. Hopefully transport would be provided to the school as well. Given your domestic situation it clearly is not feasible to move the other kids. I would sit tight and wait until either (1) statement comes thru or (2) ds is officially excluded. The onus is then on the school to sort some appropriate support out. Don't let the school throw this problem back at you, you are going to have to be tough!! NAS have a helpline and they can hopefully provide more detailed information. I would urge you to contact them asap.

Aloha Wed 20-Jun-07 18:03:18

Oh, I'm having a nightmare with my ds's school atm (also Aspergers) and suspect they are trying for an exclusion and my ds is only five!! So much for inclusive education

flyingmum Thu 21-Jun-07 18:45:18

I would go for the exclusion. Absolutely yuck for you but then it is up to the LEA to provide for your child. They are possibly pushing for voluntary because schools have to pay money to the LEA for every exclusion - therefore they are trying to avoid this. Also, if they exclude him, they still have to provide work for him to do at home. If they don't then you have a far stronger right of appeal and children who have been permanently excluded at our school have been allowed back by the Governors because insufficient work was provided. Quite a lot of LEAS have a rule that children need to be excluded from two schools (this is at secondary level so it might only be one at primary) before they will consider an EBD or special place. It sounds very much like your son needs specialist input. Presumably, you are happy with the schools input with your other two children so why should they have to move? If you have to move your other son to the school which has a bus ride then you must insist on a taxi service. Even if they pay for a taxi - its still cheaper than a special school place for them.

I would be tactical with the LEA. Phone up the SEN dept and tell them about your probs. Say you are looking at independent private special schools as although you would be perfectly happy with your son to continue at his present school, they are clearly not coping. What do they suggest? You could also mention that your son is being discrimiinated against on the grounds of his disability but your not sure and are consulting other sources on this.

isgrassgreener Fri 22-Jun-07 11:41:41

Hi sarah
have you contacted ACE (Advisory Centre for Education)
They can talk to you about exclusions and the legal position, they have a very good pack that they can send out to you.
Tel 0808 800 5793 mon - fri 2 - 5pm

dustystar Fri 22-Jun-07 11:52:51

A new school could be a good move in the long term but i agree with the others - let them go for permanent exclusion as he will become a priority for the LEA then. I can't see how they can claim to have helped him all they can when they aren't even providing 1:1 support

DS first school tried to get rid of him too before he had a statement or dx. I did take him out as he was only 4 and the LEA agreed to back year him. I couldn't have kept either him or his sister at the school after the way they treated him so for me that was the only option.

He is now at a new school and is doing so well that he is going to go back into his natural year group in sept (yr 3). He has a statement and fulltime 1:1 support in the classroom but still no dx.

Sorry you are going through this

sarah573 Fri 22-Jun-07 12:33:23

Hi everyone - thanks for your messages.

I didn't realise the school had to pay the LEA for exclusions - thats interesting!!

I agree with you all about allowing them to permanently exclude DS rather than withdrawing him. Its just a really horrid thing to have following him through the rest of his education. Especially (and I know you all know where im coming from on this one) that it is not his fault.

I've just had a 'we didn't have this conversation' chat with the lady from the LEA. She has basically said that I should have a look around the other local(ish) schools, so that if it comes to the crunch I have another option ready, and I can say to the head, 'Ok I'll move him' and hope that she won't put the permex on his record. Im sceptical as this will make life easier for the LEA, which could well be her motive for calling me. On the other hand I don't want my son to have a permex on his record either. Certinally if that comes before I have something else concrete in place I will be taking the permex.

Thanks again for you support.


sarah293 Fri 22-Jun-07 13:25:41

Message withdrawn

essbeehindyou Fri 22-Jun-07 19:34:56

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essbeehindyou Fri 22-Jun-07 19:35:43

Message withdrawn

Julienoshoes Sun 24-Jun-07 13:22:57

Just a thought-have you considered home educating him?
There is a webpage-and support list for parenst who home educate their children who have special educational needs.

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