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where can i buy a quiet plastic mattress cover that protects the sides?

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magso Wed 20-Jun-07 10:41:26

I need to get a wipable mattress cover ( small single)that covers the sides as well as the top, as Ds is night training but not with much success yet! there are some on ebay but can any one recommend something quiet for my sensive chap? thanks.

2shoes Wed 20-Jun-07 11:16:06

don't you think that would make him very hot?

magso Wed 20-Jun-07 11:27:20

Frankly yes! But the nice breathable waterproof cloth ones I have dont cover the sides ( the cotton sheet wicks wee down! so I have to sponge the mattress cover as well next morning!)and take ages to dry. He has 1 - 2 accidents a night and I'm struggling to keep up. What do other people do? I figured it was better to ask here as the problem is so much er wetter with older sn kids! This and struggling to get somewhere with school and statements by day!

Pixel Wed 20-Jun-07 19:54:09

We've got this one . I don't know if that would be any use to you. It doesn't seem to get hot and doesn't make any noise. You could have two, one on top of the other then in the middle of the night you've only got to whip off the top one and put a new sheet over it. TBH it feels like a soft cotton sheet anyway so you could cut down on washing by not using the sheet I suppose. You can boil wash them too.

1sue1 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:11:29

Do you have a quality save nearby as they are doing picnic blankets for about £3, if not Woolies do them for bout a fiver.
they are waterproof backed and i put it sideways under the sheet and it works fine.

Davros Thu 21-Jun-07 21:52:45

Check out They have the best products for all sorts of SN needs. You can't order on-line but they are SOOO helpful and quick, I can't recommend them highly enough. I have several mat-type undersheets which are better than something like a picnic blanket because they are designed to soak up a LOT of liquid. We have a full towelling/waterproof backed fitted sheet, then mat as above, then ordinary sheet and I can whip off top 2 layers and leave DS on the towelling sheet for the rest of the night. We also use a waterproof duvet from Fledglings. They are not cheap but absolutely fantastic, I have just bought a second having held out for a while, it is the best solution.

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