Ed Psych Involvement - too much too quick??

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Ironmanrocks Sun 11-Nov-18 22:19:39

Hi All,

My DS is 8, and is a bright boy. Sociable mostly, but an only child so likes his own company also. He has moved schools this year (to an independent one) after a rough year last year, but mainly for ease in my job. Last year was rough for many reasons and his behaviour deteriorated - there were a lot of SEN kids in his class - nearly half - including a few angry, violent kids - the attention was on them and it was handled that well. I think my child has copied some behaviours and I have mentioned this to his new teacher. He started off in the new school adapting to his new environment and making friends but not really completing work to the standard it should be. So it was flagged there was an issue. He isn't naughty as such at school but he will try to be class clown (it doesn't go down well here - the kids don't laugh at him!) and has now started to refuse to do what is being asked of him. Partly because he wants to finish the work he is doing. His work is generally messy, he doesn't take much pride in his work but he is an excellent reader/speller and they seem to think he has aced some processing skills tests as well. He is a bit gangly and I thought that it was a growth spurt when he hasn't got used to his new long legs - they think he has hyper mobility? What is that? Anyway - it has come to a head at parents evening where they have suggested I meet with the learning development lady to chat about him and what they both think. They have suggested him meeting with an Ed Pysch as they think he possibly has ADD. Except he doesn't have outbursts or get angry, so they aren't sure. I feel quite confused - nothing was really mentioned at his last school and he meets all expectations (even with his lack of effort). I have no idea what to do or think as this has come as a surprise. I also feel that they are moving very quickly (I am sure I will have to pay for it though)but it is almost to quickly for me to digest. The teacher actually suggested he have meds for a short time to calm him down!!! We may be offered behavioural therapy or something. He doesn't seem that bad although he can be incredibly frustrating - he is such a lovely, kind boy usually. I now feel that I have done something wrong. I have no experience in this - what do you think? Thanks for reading - I know it is long.

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Ironmanrocks Sun 11-Nov-18 22:27:01

sorry - the bad behaviour last year wasn't handled that well...

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BlankTimes Mon 12-Nov-18 00:20:33

Do see the learning development lady as soon as you can, she will have contact numbers for the professionals you will need to see.

School have identified some areas of concern and they have suggested an Ed Psych assessment.

You may not realise it at the moment but you are very lucky anything has been picked up so quickly, so do go ahead and have the assessment, see what it turns up. Professionals don't diagnose things that are not there, see what the Ed Psych says.

A lot of parents on these boards are desperate for schools to notice their kids need help in some areas and the schools "see nothing" which makes the road to getting help a very long one form them. You've bypassed all of that.

Also, kids who try to be the class clown often adopt that strategy to cover up that they are finding some things difficult, again, go for the assessment. It will identify any areas he needs help with and there will be a list of recommendations for school to implement like slight changes to the way he's taught. There may also be recommendations for home too.

Remember, people aren't doing this to point out your son's "faults" they are doing it as they've seen he needs help in some areas and have suggested the assessment to pinpoint your son's needs and give strategies that will help him.

Have a look through this booklet, does anything in it apply to him?

If so, ask for referral to an OT that specialises in Sensory Processing.

Google hypermobile joints and joint hypermobility syndrome. Ask if you also need your son to see a paediatric OT for this. If so, make an appointment.

Ironmanrocks Mon 12-Nov-18 07:37:28

Gosh thank you. I just assumed he was class clown and a bit naughty because he was fairly bright and potentially a bit bored. SEN at our last school was pretty dire - not their fault, it was a tiny school with way over the average amount of children who had much. more severe needs than ours and they were struggling to be seen.

I'm not ungrateful that he's going to be seen if you see what I mean, just super surprised and a little bit fearful of what will be said. I will look up those things later. Thank you so much for your help.

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April2020mom Tue 13-Nov-18 16:04:59

First things first

You are lucky they have noticed. See the lady asap and exchange numbers. Have the assessment carried out. The evaluation should definitely highlight any areas of weaknesses and make useful recommendations.

Go from there.

Ironmanrocks Tue 13-Nov-18 17:55:26

Thank you. It just feels so quick, but I feel reassured at least.

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Daisymay2 Tue 13-Nov-18 18:18:43

I agree that it is good that things have been picked up quickly but I am wary that the teachers have suggested medication. Near us there is an indy school that was known for recommending tricky pupils go onto ADHD meds. Not sure of current situation.
However, do not be mislead by his good reading and spelling- DS2 always had a reading and comprehension ages of at least 3 years ahead of his chronological age , had poorly presented work in prep achool and sometimes we felt that he was not being challenged enough in class and he was diagnosed with dyslexia and processing problems with very high IQ in year 13 . He had coping stategies in place so had good exam results.
A chat with learning support and possibly Ed Psych sounds like a good idea,

Ironmanrocks Tue 13-Nov-18 22:37:10

I have a colleague who knows more about all of this, so I am going to ask her advice on what to ask and what to question. I am not giving my child meds unless it is required and even then I would be reluctant. He is occasionally a pain but not that often and generally is a confident, sweet boy. I think anyway....of course he could be different at school! We shall see...

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