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heidilouise88 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:42:20

Hi, new here.
I have a son who’s 4, he’s just started school and he has an EHCP in place for his social/emotional needs. When at pre-school he had assessments by Ed Psych, ATS and Teacher Advisory service. He has 1:1 TA for 17.5 hours a week at school. He is potentially on autistic spectrum but Paediatrician refusing to see him as there was not enough evidence to suggest he was on autistic spectrum back in Feb, and he was taken off social pathway. So I have done all I have been asked including parenting course and trying to get referral for diagnosis but told school need to get cognitive assessment by Ed Psych before they can do any more. School are reluctant and say wouldn’t be til spring/summer when Ed Psych next visits. Have approached school for help but they are just trying to push me in direction of more parenting courses etc despite admitting that they are finding him hard at school. Anyone else been in similar situation or have any suggestions on what I can do next? His behaviour is getting worse - lots of aggression, hitting, running off etc...
Many Thanks

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Thekidsarefightingagain Wed 07-Nov-18 20:55:02

It sounds like you're being completely fobbed off by everyone. I'm shocked that the paediatrician refused to even see your son. If his behaviour is getting worse then does his EHCP need to be revisited? Should specialist provision be considered?
Maybe phone SOS!SEN or IPSEA to get some advice. If you can afford it look into getting private assessments.

heidilouise88 Thu 08-Nov-18 06:18:25

It definitely feels like I am being fobbed off. I just want the right support for him and the best advice to deal with his behaviour. Luckily I have supportive family and friends who can back me up but as the health visitor said I'm the "best advocate for him" but not if I'm not being heard. Should school have a myplan running alongside EHCP? I've been told they should and they've been very vague about it, but said yesterday they will get one ready for me today which implies to me they haven't! I also feel his 1:1 is not right for him. There was an incident where I went to see him in a performance, he was in such a state, he came to me, his 1:1 did nothing, then he was whipped out by the head teacher.
I think my only option may be to pay private as I feel I'm fighting a loosing battle with this. He's doing well with his education but I'm concerned his behaviour will impact this if he doesn't get the right support.

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Thekidsarefightingagain Thu 08-Nov-18 11:06:52

You're being heard - just not listened to. Sounds like lots of other agendas are going on. You're further ahead than us in the process so have never heard of MyPlan. Hopefully someone further down the line can advise.

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