SPD assessment?

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dailymailaredicks Sun 21-Oct-18 15:11:06

I've not really posted on SN board before. There are a number of issues with DS that point to a sensory processing disorder. It's around 12 months now since I raised this with school and a hospital paediatrics consultant.

The hospital paediatrics said we had to go through local community paediatrics and only school could refer us. School sat on it for 6 months and completed their own assessments, which showed no issues. They were academic assessments and my DS is very bright and does well at English and Maths.

We finally have our community paediatrics appointment through. I have written some notes for areas of concern with the examples. Is there anything else I should be prepared for? DH is coming with us so that I can speak to the doctor alone as well.

Anything else you would advise? And what do you think I should expect from this first appointment? TIA

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