Ds1 has done something amazing

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elliejjtiny Fri 12-Oct-18 22:57:37

Ds1 is 12 and has aspergers syndrome. Today he found out he has been made one of the year captains for year 8 (there are 2, a boy and a girl). He had to write a speech and then the other children in his year voted. In his speech he talked about his autism and that he understood how different people found things difficult and that he wanted to help. He is amazing. I am so proud of him.

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Justgivemeasoddingname Fri 12-Oct-18 23:00:10

How wonderful for you both flowers congratulations xx

pannetone Tue 16-Oct-18 22:24:57

Wow! What a star !

tartanterror Fri 19-Oct-18 18:59:08

How completely wonderful. I’ve gone all misty-eyed! What a lovely cohort of students he must be with. I hope my son finds similarly supportive peers

elliejjtiny Mon 22-Oct-18 18:17:48

Thankyou. He struggles with chatting and hanging around with others that they all seem to do at break/lunchtime but he has joined 5 lunchtime clubs, one for each day so he is still being social but it's more structured. I was really scared about him starting secondary but he has been doing really well.

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