Starvation before MRI (2y.o.)

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2233xylophone Sat 13-Oct-18 11:33:52

Ok, thanks. Yeah it's quite far away so we'll be leaving about 7.30 anyway but I envisage crying through the whole car journey as well as before and after. Oh well. I'll try and stuff her as much as I can the night before.

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Hedgyhoggy Sat 13-Oct-18 08:45:55

I wouldn’t wake her early there would just be more time where you couldn’t follow the usual morning routine which probably includes eating. My ds was so distracted by the hospital environment (but not upset) that it wasn’t an issue. They usually give a drink and toast as soon as they are back on the ward or just take a snack with you just in case

Lesley25 Sat 13-Oct-18 08:20:30

I’ve been through with my child over the years, my advice is don’t wake her. Give her lots to eat the night before and maybe leavr her up 30 mins longer for extra snacks, so in the morning she will be waiting for food but I’ve handled this by the following;

As soon as my son wakes, get him ready then if a paddy happens I can get him into the car and go

Get to the hospital early- you’ll have a set time and they’ll know you have a diagnosis of asd so your child maybe distressed with the sudden change in routine and no breakfast

There will be a playroom for children in the hospital that will keep your child occupied before the anaesthetist arrives

If your child wakes at 6am factoring time to get there which is usually around 7:30 it’s not too long to wait.

2233xylophone Fri 12-Oct-18 21:18:43

I've got the appointment through for my child's MRI. The appointment starts at 9am, an hour for sedation so hopefully the scan at 10am. The letter says I can give anything until 5am then only water (or squash, but she doesn't have that) until 10am.

Basically I'm just worried about how to deal with the hunger as I don't think it would be fair to wake her up at 4.30 just to give her some food, but she's a very hungry child and I think she'll be crying all morning at the lack of food. So do I wake her, feed her and hope she goes back to sleep? Or just accept that from waking until after the scan, she'll be furiously starving and upset at why she's not getting food? She has very few words and not great understanding so there's no hope of explaining anything to her.

Just looking for any advice or reassurance really.

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