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sh*t sh*t sh*t DLA, I am going to cry!!!

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sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 14:37:07

I thought DS' dla was due to run out at the end of july, I posted his form off 3 weeks ago. They have only just recieved it.. and it apparently runs out on the 7th july.. I have a car on motabilty, and can;t be without it. I know its my fault for not sending it back before.. I have spoken to motabilty and they said that they might be able to swop over the car into Dd1's name as she get high rate mobility too, until DS's dla is sorted..

sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 14:44:46

I just hope that they give it again

berolina Wed 13-Jun-07 14:47:31

that sucks, are their processing times always so long? 3 weeks ago was the end of May, you would have thought they could have managed it.

Why would they not give it again?

sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 14:49:15

I panic every time. She said that it is a 15 week processing time atm

sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 16:14:40

I feel sick, If it not sorted soon, I will lose his care allowence, plus his motabily, plus dd1's mobility allowence to pay for the car until its sorted I am so stupid...

ThomCat Wed 13-Jun-07 16:37:28

oh darling
I'm sure it's all going to be fine. Have you rung motorbility and had a chat with them about this?

sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 16:38:40

spoke to them earlier, they are sending the info. over the the customer care dept. to see what they can do. I have to wait for them to phone me

ThomCat Wed 13-Jun-07 16:42:01

It'll all be OK, it will, honest, xxxx

2shoes Wed 13-Jun-07 17:31:13

fingers.toes and eyes crossed for you. I am sure they will sort it

FioFio Wed 13-Jun-07 19:15:00

Message withdrawn

FioFio Wed 13-Jun-07 19:15:21

Message withdrawn

sparklygothkat Wed 13-Jun-07 20:15:35

but they have only just recieved it, and it runs out in 3 weeks, even though I posted it to them on the 23rd may

sparklygothkat Thu 14-Jun-07 00:09:31

I hope so Fio, i phoned them last week and they hadnt recieved the form then. The man said that they would process it fast as possible as it is due to run out soon, but the lady I spoke to today said that they had to process them in date order to be fair to everyone..

sparklygothkat Fri 15-Jun-07 22:16:46

mobility phoned me today, I don;t have to hand my car back when it runs out in july [phew] they will just restart the payments when the DLA is reviewed and renewed. They spoke to DLA and I guess they gave some idea as to weather it will be renewed again.

2shoes Fri 15-Jun-07 22:27:16

thank goodness

sparklygothkat Fri 15-Jun-07 22:29:19

i nearly cried with relief..

sparklygothkat Tue 19-Jun-07 10:34:01

they have requested a report from the consultant they are going to drag this out, aint they??

2shoes Tue 19-Jun-07 12:04:31

ffs thay do like to make us suffer

sparklygothkat Tue 19-Jun-07 12:05:49

have spoken to the consultant's sect, to see if she can do a report and send it off ASAP

2shoes Tue 19-Jun-07 12:08:42

i have my fingers crossed for you.

sparklygothkat Tue 19-Jun-07 12:13:36

I feel so stupid, I am set to lose the DLA, CA and tax credits..

Peachy Tue 19-Jun-07 22:04:36

They're not that slow atm, put in for ds3 last week and they have already done the imprtant and esential act of contacting a person DS3 has never seen (GP_ I have apointment booked there next week, earliest i could get, day after he sees Paed who they havent contacted!)

sparklygothkat Tue 19-Jun-07 23:18:30

I put on the form that DS has never seen the GP for his CP

Peachy Tue 19-Jun-07 23:35:16

So did I (for his ASD)!

woman on helpline said 'well be grateful you can appeal' so I wrote to them instead LOL to bypass her.

sparklygothkat Wed 20-Jun-07 00:04:37

I didn't even know which consultant they had written to, I had to phone up and ask as he is under the local hospital and GOSH. Stupid thing is that whenever I do dd1's DLA form, they always get back to me with a decision within a month, without the need for a report, yet every time I have done DS they want a report, and he is the one that has the worse CP

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