Wits end with sleep issues

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NCP81 Sat 06-Oct-18 00:41:41

For the third night in the row my 14 month old is still awake, last two nights not falling asleep until 1am. He woke from his nap at 5pm so he's been awake for over 7 hours now. I have to get up at 7am as we are at a day conference where he will go in a crèche. We experience these problems frequently but not every night. The past three days feels one of the worst periods though.

He was born totally blind and this is a common issue with the blind. Our next paediatrics appointment is not until November. I've tried to bring to forward but they are booked out until January. We have the eye doctor next week but not sure he can help.

I've had discussions before as this has been on my radar since 4/5 months old when he was completely back to front with his night and day. I didn't want melatonin then as was ok to see how it went with him being young but wanted them to know I was concerned so it's on their radar too. They seem very reluctant to prescribe melatonin. But I don't know how they can refuse now. I'm just worried about having a battle on my hands for something that is actually really affecting both our quality of life. His meal times are out of sync. He has his nap very late in the day so the second half the day we can't go out and do activities. He ends up spending lots of time in his cot because I never know if he is going to go to sleep quickly or take 3 hours. We end up waking up late morning, I can't get him up earlier because he just falls asleep too soon after he's woken up if he hasn't had enough sleep. It's a viscous circle and it's starting to feel like a really shit life. We miss out on morning baby groups because they start to early.

Not sure what I'm asking. Just venting. Always feels very lonely in the middle of the night. I'm a solo parent.

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livpotter Sat 06-Oct-18 06:59:37

You both must be exhausted.

I don't have any experience of blindness in children, so it had never occurred to me until I read your post, that children with an issue perceiving light would have problems sleeping! I wonder if there is a way you can indicate that it is nighttime/sleep time via routine?

My son has some sleep issues caused by ASD but luckily not that severe and is usually caused by anxiety, which is a different situation to you. When he was younger I kept a record of his sleep patterns to show the doctor.

I'm sure someone with more experience will be able to give you better advice thanks

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