2 year old possible ASD

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Hana10 Sun 02-Sep-18 21:56:28

Hi Ladies,

I have had concerns about my son since he was 18 months old. He wasn’t pointing, waving and occasionally walking on his toes. I started the process of having him Assessed and while we was waiting he started doing some of these things. However he still showing some red flags. I appreciate any advice as I’m really having a hard time with him at the moment.

He does: -
Waves occasionally
Eye contact
Eats well
Sleeps well
Sometimes imitates
Can take instructions such as ‘go get shoes’, ‘bathtime’, ‘bedtime’, ‘put nappy In the bin’.

Does not do:-
Shared attention
Pretend play
Throws himself on the floor constantly and laughs

Other areas of concern: -
Constantly on the go
Never sits down unless eating
Throws toys and mouths them
Goes from toy to toy.
Responds to Name sometimes

Just really at a loss here. Deep down I’m convinced he’s got a delay or ASD. Other times I feel like he’s NT. Currently on waiting lists x

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Creeper8 Fri 07-Sep-18 09:36:07

He sounds abit like what my asd dd was like. She didnt speak at all at 2. I was referred to a paediatrician due to it and she instantly suggested autism. My dd wasnt formally diagnosed till 5 though (my choice.) Have you been waiting long?

Hana10 Fri 07-Sep-18 22:04:02

Thank you for you’re reply. We are currently waiting on a hearing test which is in November and than we will see the SALT. It just seems to be a lot of waiting around and it’s concerning me as I feel like we are wasting time. Really at a loss of what I can do to speed things up or help him.

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