Current Bruern Abbey parents - any changes since Bellevue took over?

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Milomonster Tue 21-Aug-18 21:13:59

I’m interested in BA for DS who is going into Y3 at his current prep. I read today that BA is under the new ownership of Bellevue. Do current parents think this has been positive? Any downsides? Obviously, it’s a profit making company and I wonder if the character of the school will change. Maybe too early to say.

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AdrienneCB Tue 02-Oct-18 12:45:48

Our son joined BA just as Bellevue took over and I don’t think there have been many changes other than more enthusiasm for the boys wearing their bike helmets. Also in theory they are trying to get the boys to smarten up a bit but I can’t see much impact of that. Certainly moving the school to a more sustainable footing is a good thing. BV not visible at all. Absolutely marvellous school. Highly recommended.

autumn79 Mon 13-May-19 17:29:52

Anymore info on Bellevue’s ownership and positivity?

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