Alton towers disabled pass for rides

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NoLogicInThis Sat 18-Aug-18 16:04:41

Looking to take my son to Alton towers and my sons go has provided a letter stating his medical condition and why he can't queue but after looking online what the access pass allows you to do it gives you a time you allowed on if you had queued.
It sounds very confusing and wondering can you go on other rides whilst waiting for the more popular ones?

Has anyone been and used the access pass and know how it works as I'm a bit nervous taking my son there if he isn't going to cope

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NoLogicInThis Sat 18-Aug-18 21:55:49


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chickennuggetsfortea Sun 19-Aug-18 14:17:23

you can go on other rides in between its only certain rides you cant go back on to till your time runs you would go to the exit get your card marked and then just go on others rides watch a show or play on the park till its time to ride again.we found if the park is quite cards are often not marked

PunkyBubba Thu 23-Aug-18 21:24:32

Hi, are you still planning to go to Alton Towers?

I went on Monday.. a few tips.. prebook the express parking (£16 instead of £6 but you park right next to the entrance so don't have to deal with the massive monorail queues from the 'normal' car park). I forgot to prebook, and by the time we got there express parking was full.. DS1 couldn't cope with the monorail queue so we had a lovely 15/20 minute walk to the entrance instead.. great start to the day 🙄

As PP said (sorry I can't scroll back on phone) you can use other rides while waiting for next 'time' on ride access pass.. Even on Monday with how busy it was only 1 ride marked our card though.

Even with the access pass there could still be a bit of a wait for some rides which DS1 found hard but we did have a lovely time overall.

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