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What was your autistic ds like at 5?

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Ilovechocolatetoomuch Fri 10-Aug-18 21:30:56

I know my ds is different, but i’m Unsure where to go if anywhere with it.
The main red flags to me is he has no respect for adults for example today in the shoe shop he was swinging his legs with such force attempting to kick the assistant. He will talk to any adult anywhere at any time. He has no filter and says exactly what he is thinking, like little old lady in the shop says hello to him and he will respond with why do you have a big boil on your head?
His swimming lesson every week is a complete nightmare as he just won’t listen to the teacher.
He isn’t that keen on kids he doesn’t know and tells me he is shy. His coping strategy is to do something silly to try to make them laugh and run off laughing when they try to talk to him.
He actually physically can not sit still (unless glued to a screen)
If anybody comes round to our house and tries to talk to me he is a total nightmare he either starts climbing on them and me or he will purposefully do things he know he isn’t allowed to do whilst looking at me the whole time. It feels like he is constantly baiting us to try to get attention of any kind.
He has got in trouble several times at nursery for hitting other kids as they have taken something from him or hit him first. Now I think it may have finally sunken in he musn’t Hit he cries loudly with frustration when he feels he is wronged.
He has a star chart for things eg brushing teeth, getting himself dressed. He works out every morning which category he needs to fill to get his reward time and remembers all day.
He talks a lot of rubbish, about his imaginary friend. He also says stuff like you don’t love me anymore and I feel like i’m Rubbish. My other mummy and daddy before I had you two.
He can not loose at anything as he stomps off angrily refusing to play at first sign of defeat.
Any sign of change in his life you know that something will happen eg somebody gets hit at nursery etc.
Wow o.k that is a lot of red flags.
He doesn’t throw tantrums, he doesn’t have obsessions, he isn’t fussy with food, he sleeps well at night, he doesn’t stim and you can hold a conversation with him if he will sit still long enough, he can do activities not of his choosing for long periods and is academically average for his age I would say. He also as just had a new baby in the house and since then things have got harder.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. I am trying to work out if he needs additional help or he is just a very difficult child.

HurricaneHalle Sat 11-Aug-18 09:17:49

Make a list of all the behaviours. See your GP and ask to be referred to Paeds sir ASD/ADHD assessment.

HairyMaclary5 Tue 04-Sep-18 07:55:37

How did you get on with this OP? My 4 year old is the same with talking to any adults, firing questions at them and coming out with anything, offensive or not! I'm also not sure if this is a red flag for something or just a lack of tact!

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