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Violet44 Mon 30-Jul-18 22:10:19

Long story, but I asked my LEA to apply for a different school for my Y3 going into Y4 child. He has no diagnosis but motor planning difficulties, visual perception difficulties, audio processing difficulties. He has EHCP. Should be fine in mainstream with support but I did look round a school with a unit for SpLD and I quite liked it. I asked the LEA to apply for two mainstream schools and this unit. They weren't very quick at getting on with it. I have now been offered a place at one of the mainstream schools to start 7th Sept. However the school with the unit has said they will assess him at his current school on the 6th September and then if they can meet his needs it has to go to SEN panel to decide whether he can go there. What do I do? I don't want to start him at the mainstream school only to decide to move him if we get a place in the unit, but if we don't get a place and cannot be sure I will, then I will need to have the place at the other school. It's a nightmare situation.

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Boostie Tue 31-Jul-18 14:16:14

Hi there
I suggest seeing if you can reserve a place at your first choice mainstream to hold but not yet take up until you get the outcome of the panel - presumably you are only talking about a few weeks. Best to speak to the m/s school first to check they would be on board and then call LA.
Good luck!

Allthewaves Wed 01-Aug-18 03:42:42

Start him in mainstream then move him if you get a place. Not uncommon unfortunately

Violet44 Thu 02-Aug-18 22:03:24

Booster, I think that's the best I can do. I will have to ring them in September and see if I can defer the start date until they have made decision. It is a nightmare, don't want to start him at mainstream and then decide to move him as is unsettling for him, not to mention the uniforms I would have to buy! He doesn't want to move but I really need to move him, he cried when I told him, is breaking my heart. So hard to make right decision.

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