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bug195 Mon 30-Jul-18 11:39:52

I wondered if anyone may be able to help with my question.

I have a question about gastrostomys and have struggled to find a clear answer. With NG tubes, we aspirate stomach contents to test for PH value to confirm placement and also we can aspirate air from the stomach.

With gastrostomys, there is not the need to aspirate stomach contents as we do not need to test the placement. To decompress the stomach of air, we use the method of venting. My question is, why can't we connect a syringe and gently aspirate air from the stomach? Is there any dangers from doing this ? or is venting just the better method?

I can't get any information on whether any harm or damage is caused from aspirating a gastrostomy.

Any information would be appreciated

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BellaCat123 Mon 30-Jul-18 20:32:14

Venting with gravity is gentler on the stomach than aspirating the tube. Repeatedly aspirating a gastrostomy can cause damage to the stomach lining.

If you having trouble venting it is sometimes worth flushing with some warm water first so that the air can escape easier. If you do need to aspirate the tube doing so with a 60ml syringe is recommended as the smaller syringes put more pressure on the stomach.

beldaran Mon 30-Jul-18 21:39:53

DD has a gastrostomy and we have never vented air....she burps and farts quite well!

Do you have Children's Community Nurses in your area that manage aftercare? If you do it might be worth asking their advice (apologies if you have already done this).

starfishmummy Wed 08-Aug-18 13:29:51

Same as beldaran,. Son is 20 and had NG then gastrostomy from birth. We did have to aspirated to test the placement and also do with the g-tube when we change the button; but that's all.
However if it is needed there are full instructions in the booklet that comes in the box with the g-button

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