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ignorant peoples reaction to your blue badge

(28 Posts)
FioFio Wed 30-May-07 12:37:29

Message withdrawn

MamaG Wed 30-May-07 16:23:26

FFS how did you keep your temper? grr

KatieMorag Wed 30-May-07 16:24:37

just be glad you look so young

nailpolish Wed 30-May-07 16:28:26

oh fio

i hope you ripped her head off

FioFio Wed 30-May-07 17:17:02

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Wed 30-May-07 17:18:50

fio, she will get her comeupance

dinnae you worry

is that a word?

Chugnuts Wed 30-May-07 18:05:50

What an interfering cow!

jambuttie Wed 30-May-07 19:45:52

agree Fio we have this too.

The elderly look at you and check your car too for the badge

I am now not so quiet about it, especially if I do not have DT2 with me and I need to park in a parent and child space and an elderly person with NO kids parks in a space.

I rant at them and must say most of the time they move

mamazon Wed 30-May-07 22:39:00

my dad has a blue badge and i dropped him into town last week. all the disabled bays were taken (3 of them by people not displaying a badge)
so i had to park on the double yellow lines outside the centre.

i was only stopping long enough to get dad and his wheelchair out of the car and to direct him to the card anf perfume shop 9its their anniversary today)

when i came back to the car i had a bloody ticket!

i am of course going to appeal as his blue badge was very clearly displayed. but this is the same council that gave a toddler a fine recently for dropping crisps on the floor.

Joggeroo Thu 31-May-07 22:13:01

My friend had an old man ask her whether it was 'genuine'!!!! outrageous, she pointed out that children can be disabled too. Then said that everyone around was looking at her for having a go at a man with a walking stick.

mymatemax Thu 31-May-07 22:35:49

I parked in a disabled bay recently an old couple getting out of their car next to us.
the woman said "There (pointing at me) look see what I mean theres another one, It's not right" they both tutted & walked off.
Living in a small coastal town full of pensioners I'm so used to it it just makes me laugh now!

FioFio Fri 01-Jun-07 08:50:14

Message withdrawn

elasticbandstand Fri 01-Jun-07 08:51:31

what did the traffic warden do?

LadyTophamHatt Fri 01-Jun-07 08:54:23

Bloody hell!

Some people are unbelieveable

FioFio Fri 01-Jun-07 08:55:19

Message withdrawn

elasticbandstand Fri 01-Jun-07 08:56:21

so hopefully the cow who reported you hd egg on her face

FioFio Fri 01-Jun-07 08:56:53

Message withdrawn

tallulah Fri 01-Jun-07 10:41:24

I can see your frustration but the problem is that the scheme is misused. I have "friends" who have a badge for granny but still use it when granny isn't in the car. In our town it's impossible to park anywhere unless you have a badge. You see people in upmarket cars getting out and dashing off up the road, and tar everyone with the same brush. It's wrong, and people shouldn't, but they do.

I suppose having elderly people checking for a disabled badge is no different to mumsnetters checking people in P&T spaces for signs of a baby?

(although I wish people weren't so quick to "report" people and would have the decency to ask first, in all walks of life )

mymatemax Fri 01-Jun-07 17:59:27

OOh Fio is it the same small town as me

FioFio Fri 01-Jun-07 20:18:06

Message withdrawn

anniebear Sun 03-Jun-07 11:35:43

I have a sign either side of my car saying

"Remember not all disabilities are visable"

Pixel Sun 03-Jun-07 14:50:59

We've been away this week and left the car in a disabled bay in a carpark while we went to have a meal in a pub garden. I must admit when I had to pop back for ds's bag of spare clothes that I'd forgotten I actually felt guilty because of all the old people standing staring at me! I know it wasn't their fault because I'm quite obviously not disabled but I was expecting someone to say something and scurried away as quickly as possible. Knowing I was in the right because I had ds with me when I parked the car and would be taking him back there (and was displaying valid badge) didn't make it any easier.

And yes, it was a small seaside town.

Furrymummy Sun 03-Jun-07 15:04:57

When I walk pass disabled bays I check to see if the blue badges are displayed, because I find it sooooo annoying that some people are so fahking lazy that they park in them when they aren't entitled to. My ILs are blue badge holders as they are both disabled and I hate it when people like them are denied a space because of others' selfishness. My DSS's mummy has one too, she doesn't "look" disabled, but she has very severe arthritis in her lower back which is why she is classed as disabled and I know she has gotten grief off people even though she has a valid badge - they must think that she has cheated the system some how . Maybe disabled people and their carers ought to have a big sticker on their foreheads with "Disabled" or "Disabled Child" in big fluorescent letters .
Sorry you have to put up with such ignorance, people like that are why some people label the elderly as miserable old sods lol.

Peachy Sun 03-Jun-07 19:48:32

Gawd its abd enough being satred at isn't it? Let alone reported! I stopped shopping in places where the staff laughed at ds1 until there was no place left then I had to just get used to it. 'cept Ic an't.

STILL haven't got a blue badge here. oUR COUNCIL FDOESN'T DO CASEWORK, EITHER YOU HAVE MOBILITY AT FULL OR BUGGER OFF- HAVING 2 sn KIDS DOESN'T ALTER IT UNFORTUNATELY. oops sorry for caps- but cant be bothered to retyope I am afraid. Took all 3 out to tesco a week ago through desperation and ended up in tears at the checkoputa s they bolted in different directions so housebound again and facing summer with dread (LEA playscheme full again so no place for ds1)

noori Mon 04-Jun-07 19:40:51

oh my god so its not only me i have been abused by the older generation so many times and had the same incident as you fiofio happen to they see you coming out of the car and just think they have every right to tell yo off my dd is in a wheelchair, i mean even deaf people have blue badges to so i wish tey would stop being ignorant i would never use disables spaces if my dd is not travelling with me.

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