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twinkletoedelephant Mon 09-Jul-18 17:15:17

Dt's both have autism, and are in mainstream school. They are currently meeting new teachers.
I met ds2 teacher today - she was actually his ta for 1 day a week last year while doing her nqt training.
She has spent time in different schools gaining experience and when she found out she had a job and what year she would be working with she REQUESTED ds2 (a child some staff won't work with because he can become violent if his needs arnt met).
Am always so worried about transition times and how long it takes for someone to get him and find what works etc..

But his new teacher requested him because she really enjoyed working with him before, and is very positive about the year ahead.

I feel so much lighter smile

Ds1 teacher is a long standing member of staff and I haven't heard any one say any bad things at all, all kids day she strict but fair and she's very funny - sounds perfect for rule driven ds1

Everything is going to be ok I know it smile

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Sirzy Mon 09-Jul-18 19:54:17

That all sounds great! The right teacher can make such a difference

OiWhoTookTheGoodNames Tue 10-Jul-18 07:45:22

Sounds fab. Unfortunately the teacher who requested DD2 got blocked by the head who "knows best" on these matters and the teacher we've got is refusing to even make 5 minutes with us to discuss her - snarling at me that "I've been briefed and read the paperwork" so I'm in absolute bits at the moment.

Then the same one I find out is laying claim to me as the good parent helper around the school for "her" class! She can feck off with how I feel at the moment - I'll bugger off and hide next door in the class where I get on well with the class teacher!

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