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Motabity car written off and less than a year on dla award

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Jaal0210 Wed 13-Jun-18 22:17:59

Hi all. My son has 4 different disabilities and as such gets dla which has enabled us to have a Motability Car. This evening the car was hit by a drunk driver outside our house (insured thankfully) and is an obvious write off. The problem I foresee is as of in 2 weeks my sons dla award will have less than a year until renewal and you can only get a motability car if you have more than a year left. Would this mean we wouldn’t be entitled to another car as the insurance said the process can take up to a month. I’m panicking because the car is our lifeline and we cannot afford one without motability help. I have only been driving a year so the insurance alone would be around £2000 a year let alone the cost of buying a car etc.
Has anyone had to deal with this issue?
Thank you all in advance.

genomics Tue 19-Jun-18 16:26:12

If you have not got an answer to your question. Post it on MSE they have been a few over the years on there with the same question. You will get an answer

Frusso Tue 19-Jun-18 20:17:38

You wouldn't be a new applicant for a mobility car.
As it wasn't your fault they should provide you with a courtesy car whilst they assess yours for repair.

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