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More House School Frensham - Recent Experiences?

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ameliethree Wed 13-Jun-18 09:26:44

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any recent experience of this school.
Our DS3 is coming to the end of year 7 at an outstanding state secondary. He has mild ASD and some other issues with slow writing, but he has coped and is in the middle sets currently. He is desperately unhappy however, largely due to being labelled as 'autistic', - he feels everyone thinks he's dumb because his EHCP provides for additional support - he doesn't want it and rejects it, but in some lessons he simply can't access everything without it. He wants to feel accepted and to be just like everyone else - its very sad to see him like this.
On paper More House looks like it would be a really good option for him.
His EHCP has closed doors on all the selective independent schools.
Of course I need to speak to the school directly, and visit, however a friend mentioned that she felt the boys were very much behind the expected levels and that most of the learning needs were in the area of hearing, speech and language. As I want him to feel that he belongs somewhere, I'm just wondering if that is the case as they are quite different needs to his own. Any help would be so much appreciated as I feel there are so few options available to us....

lamandler Thu 06-Sep-18 14:42:33

Just boosting this for you - did you make any progress re More House?My son has been offered a place from Sept 2019 (Y7), and for the reasons you describe above - increasing anxiety, wanting to feel included - we are thinking it is a good option.

MargoLovebutter Thu 06-Sep-18 14:47:26

My DS did really well at MHS. He is high functioning ASD and had a host of specific learning disorders, the most problematic being dyslexia.

lamandler Thu 06-Sep-18 14:51:31

Thanks Margo, that's good to hear. Has he left now?

MargoLovebutter Thu 06-Sep-18 14:52:19

Yes, just finished this summer. Off to uni soon. smile

lamandler Thu 06-Sep-18 15:19:28

Good for him! Hope it goes well

MargoLovebutter Thu 06-Sep-18 15:22:11

Me too! It has been a long, long slog but MHS was great. I don't think he'd be off to uni if he'd stayed in mainstream.

GiantIcicle Thu 06-Sep-18 16:03:01

Mine started in year 7, now going into year 10. The additional needs are mostly HFA/Asperger's, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD. I can't speak highly enough of the place, the individual attention each pupil gets is incredible, the staff are so dedicated. All the boys are in the same boat WRT their learning and social needs so they don't feel singled out when they go off for their speech therapy or whatever, its all just part of the timetable. They have loads of extra-curricular activities, again all supported by staff experienced in special needs. They might do slightly fewer qualifications per student than in mainstream, but the focus is on quality not quantity, they want to make sure they get the best out of each pupil by not overloading them. Obviously its not right for every boy, but for many it is life-changing.

lamandler Thu 06-Sep-18 23:18:33

Such a reassuring post, thank you. DS would have to travel quite a bit to get there, leave his friends, so not an easy decision. He loved his assessment day though!
Sorry to hijack your OP ameliethree

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