Need to name school on EHCP, mainstream or special.

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Violet44 Sun 03-Jun-18 22:46:12

My son has just got his EHCP. He has learning difficulties and açcademically quite low. He has no diagnosis of anything, besides motor planning, visual processing, and possibly language processing issues. His current mainstream school said they couldn't meet his needs but I have struggled to find another place that I'm happy with. Most the special needs units in our area are ASD which he wouldn't get in without a diagnosis and CAMHS have ruled ASD out. I looked round a couple of units for moderate learning difficulties, but the children in it just seemed to have more needs than my son and I didn't think he would fit. Then when I met with the case worker she was assuming I would be naming his current school, and said they would have to put it in writing with clear justifications if they can't meet his needs, and they were expecting my son to be at mainstream with support. However don't have a lot of faith in his current school being able to provide right support.

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Ellie56 Mon 04-Jun-18 01:50:00

Have you looked at any other mainstrem schools Violet? Some are better with children with additional needs than others.

Bibesia Mon 04-Jun-18 14:21:54

You need to ensure that provision in section F of the Plan is properly specified and detailed so that there is no room for doubt as to how your son should be supported, and so that you can enforce it if necessary whatever school he is at.

I found SOS SEN's booklets on EHCPs and appeals really helpful - information on this page:

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