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MoreCheesePleaseVicar Tue 29-May-18 14:20:26

Hello. My DD is 20 months and showing signs of Autism. She doesn't talk (babbles sometimes but stops when you talk to her, except on the odd occasion). She doesn't answer to her name most of the time (perhaps she does sometimes or it could be a coincidence or that she has heard my voice and realises I am still in the room - she seems to go into her own world and her eyes wander a lot). She doesn't participate in shared play or ask/communicate for me to get things (just gives up if I try to encourage her to point or ask for more etc. - she will on occasion go get something you ask for but again I am starting to doubt myself and wonder if it has been pure coincidence as she won't do it every time). She will make eye contact with me but often fleetingly and hardly ever with her father or other men (but better with women, strangers or not, sometimes). Her motor skills are all fine and she shows no repetitive behaviour, she sleeps great and eats anything and everything, okay with loud noises and happily walks into my sons Montessori to pick up and eat all the toys.

So my question is, did anyone try part-time creche to see if it helps with social and verbal skills?

I am on leave for a while yet with another baby so had not planned on it but the PHN suggested it. I will try it but I'd like to know what you parents with experience in these things think about it - as in, did anyone see an improvement in verbal and social skills just from creche?

We will be on the waiting lists for other services for some time so currently this is all she will be accessing. I am undecided as to whether we should use our savings for private SALT/OH instead of part-time creche. I suppose I am still not able to understand if she is just a late developer (she only started walking a few months ago but had been saying words at 9-12 months which have disappeared) or if there is more so I don't know which way to take her at this point. Thanks for reading

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