What do you do during school holidays?

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Sweets123 Mon 28-May-18 13:18:54

With the summer holidays coming up im just wondering what other people with ASD children do? I'm trying to prepare in advance and get some activities booked in but 6 weeks is a long time to fill and I want to avoid holiday boredom. Looking for extra ideas and interested what other people do smile thank you

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NeverTrustASmilingCat Mon 28-May-18 16:19:51

No suggestions, but I'm wondering the same thing. Doesn't help that I can't concentrate on just her as she has an NT twin.

Allthewaves Mon 28-May-18 19:14:20

Mine go to summer scheme as they cope well with the set regime and outdoor activities plus the staff get my quirky kids - adhd and asd. On non work days we chill out at home or go to do outdoor stuff.

zzzzz Mon 28-May-18 20:11:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elliejjtiny Tue 29-May-18 15:56:20

I struggle a lot, eat ice cream and count down the days until September.

MismatchedPJs Fri 01-Jun-18 01:33:46

I have 2 childcare settings lined up. I've worked hard at getting those right, he's had practice days there and for the first summer in a long while, I'm confident about them.

For days out, the whole family sits down and writes a wish list at the start of the summer. We vote for our favourites and make sure everyone gets some stuff they want. The children tend to ask for so little - a walk in the wood, a visit to the library, a game of chess, see cousins, swimming. Easy to tick off, but if we are doing it because they put it on the list, it's a much bigger treat and MUCH easier to get DS on board. We will have a couple of big days out like theme parks or beach, but not loads, and some stuff DH and I fancy or need to do (uniform shopping). We do a rough schedule and tick things off.

Sweets123 Fri 01-Jun-18 17:40:19

Lots of good ideas thank you all, im glad I'm not the only one that finds it a bit difficult filling up the days! Going to add in the bits I'm planning would love to hear from anyone else what they're doing smile
So far I'm considering booking some youth club group type sessions for children with Sen, we have a place near us that does activity days so will definitely go there as they are great and lots to do, we go fairly often anyway.
also theres a disability swim session which I'm going to try and get to as he loves swimming and it will hopefully not be too packed.
planning to possibly attempt the beach and maybe a small theme park near us.
There's also some stay and play type sessions I've found that I may give a go. Will try and get to the park early some days before it gets hugely busy. We like playing in the garden he has a trampoline and swing and bubble machine so he's quite happy doing that. Walk in the woods with the dog, Library to get a few books out and also relaxing at home making marble runs and watching kids stuff etc

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Everydayaschoolday Wed 13-Jun-18 00:38:20

Hi, my child has CP, but hopefully some of our activities will still be applicable to your children:

1. Local country park rangers organise nature/craft activities. I have booked on 4 of these already for summer. Activities in the region of £3 at our park. They cap their numbers, so it's not massively busy.
2. National Trust members - we're booked in to do the Family Tour of our local Country House. We go regular for picnics, take our outdoor toys and play on their adventure playground. Also they do craft, kite-flying, archery days, pond dipping etc for a nominal extra fee. We have a lot of NT properties around us so visit different ones throughout the summer. Many also host an outdoor theatre event, that our kids enjoy.
3. English Heritage Members - we have lots of properties in our area. More picnic days and go on event days (watch knights fighting etc for no extra fee).
4. Pets at Home do 2 free events where the petshop staff give a talk about caring for the animals and let you hold the small furry ones and feed the fish. Each lasted just over an hour. Book online with Pets at Home - One is called 'Fishy Friends' the other something like 'Furry Animals'. again numbers are caped, so the ones we attended were not busy.
5. Halfords run a free workshop on bike maintenance for children. We've not done it yet but are doing it this summer. I think it's about an hour.
6. Got a teepee tent from Aldi last year and we do back garden camping. Eat tea outside, watch the bats flying in the evening, then play with torches at night.
7. Seaside day (we're near the coast). Take swimming kit, picnic lunch and get fish & chips for tea.
8. Forestry Commission - we like to do the trails (roughly £5 parking for the day and £3 for a kids trail like the Highway Rat Trail). They also have worksheets online that you can take with you for ideas to do in the forest. And we take our bikes and do a family cycle.
9. We go to the Odeon Kids screening (cheaper than a normal screening) on rainy days.
10. We have lots of museums in our local city that are free and have kids trails.
11. Make packed lunches, jump in the car and travel round our local villages visiting each swing park. Kids loved this one!
12. Couple of villages near us have small outdoor pools so we go to these in the good weather. We also go to a fortnightly disability swim session.
13. Visit the library once per week and do the Summer Reading Challenge. Library normally has an event on each week, usually crafty, at no cost. Check out the Summer Reading Challenge online.
14. Paddling pool in the back garden, chalks for drawing on patio, glitter water for painting the fence, water pistol fight, outdoor games.
15. Baking day or kids day cooking dinner (with help!).
16. Rainy day indoor games day: board games, playdoh, craft, jigsaws.
17. DVD day with popcorn and treats.
18. Visit local amenities and events - we have a popular tourist city near us so always lots to do. I get a lot of info about events from Facebook - I just follow all the Tourist Information etc pages.

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