EHCP application and SATs advice pls

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Blossom4538 Thu 03-May-18 08:52:37

EHCP/SATS advice pls! 😬

Morning all!
I’m just thinking about EHCP application for our DD, age 6. School and ourselves haven’t applied yet as she is getting support but I feel she may need one. School and ourselves are keeping an ongoing record of any difficulties to almost put together a case for an EHCP and poss 1-1 in the future, should she need it.

Now, I know this sounds awful but I am thinking strategically about the upcoming SATs. Dd is struggling with the practice papers. What do you think would possibly carry more weight in an EHCP application, the fact that she struggled and froze/didn’t do well/failed SATs and didn’t meet academic expectations for end KS1 or if we decided to withdraw her from SATs as its such a difficulty for her both anxiety wise and academically? I know it sounds sneaky and we do have our little girls best interests at heart.

Dd is selectively mute, sensory issues, anxious poss motor delays and under assessment for High Functioning Autism. Receives SALt support and OT

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GnotherGnu Sun 06-May-18 12:32:57

Sorry, no idea about SATs, but it sounds as if you have a good case for an EHCP anyway. You can do it yourself without waiting for the school. Have a look at

Ellie56 Mon 07-May-18 18:51:04

If it's causing her anxiety I'd withdraw her. You can't put a price on good mental health.

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