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Medikinet come down?

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Twofigsnotgiven Sun 22-Apr-18 09:57:38

My son was (finally) diagnosed with ADHD this week. We have chosen to medicate because his poor impulse control is both dangerous and severely impacting his ability to engage in the classroom.
On the advice of the paediatrician, we tried the first dose yesterday. I wouldn’t say it made a massive difference, but we are initially encouraged.
We know that the drug is in and out of the body in 8hours, but almost to the minute, it was like all the very worse things of the ADHD cake tumbling out as the medikinet wore off. It was worse than usual.
Is this normal? Or is it that the drug was more effective than we thought, so the behaviours were more noticeable?
Advice much appreciated. Thank you!

Allthewaves Sun 22-Apr-18 10:56:50

Ds plays 3ds during come down or if nice football alone outside. Tbh don't get a rebound much in the early days or possibly didn't notice as i was freaking out about his weight loss due to lack of appetite.

We use a lower dose at weekends as he needs less control and higher dose for school

Twofigsnotgiven Sun 22-Apr-18 11:54:55

Thanks Allthewaves. We are worried about the eating too - my son has a very fast metabolism and has to eat every hour. He’s a skinny thing though - second centile for weight - so can’t afford to lose his appetite.

Allthewaves Sun 22-Apr-18 21:10:57

Peanut butter became our friend and eating early and late. Ds could happily munch from 4ish onwards

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