Cerebral Palsy Worries

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LemonShowboat Sat 31-Mar-18 14:21:03

I’m after a bit of advice/experiences; I realise my DS cannot be diagnosed over the Internet and we do have a paeds apt relating to something else next month so I will broach the subject then but I’m worried sick and just after some advice or experiences of CP. Apologies if this post is akin to the length of a dissertation!

My DS is almost 6 months, born at term - uncomplicated birth, jaundice but not enough to need light therapy. I suffered with extremely high BP throughout pregnancy and I’m also rhesus negative (I know CP can be caused by -/+ but I did have Anti-D in previous pregnancy and during this one).

DS still holds both hands in fists when not playing, although the left hand seems more of a tight fist. He keeps his right arm bent at the elbow, resting his fist on his chest - he does this for the majority of the day. BUT he can and does move it, grabs toys with it, brings hands together, chews on it etc.

He can roll from back to front, but only to the right, he’s been rolling for over two months. He can’t sit unaided as he just leans over to the left or really far forward. He can’t even sit properly in the Bumbo because he leans too much.

When he’s sitting/lying he crosses his legs but he doesn’t do this when picked up.

He has excellent head control, babbles, smiles, laughs etc.

However, his arm, the leaning, crossing of the legs and also frequent vomiting are really worrying me!

He’s had a cranial ultrasound for something else which came back clear.

I don’t really know what I want from this post! Does this sound like it could be CP? Anyone with similar experiences?

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My3boys9910 Thu 25-Apr-19 18:27:25

My son had a meningitis scare at 8 days old lumbar punctures drips anti biotics you name it...he was so so poorly.But results were inconclusive.. & prob because i didnt get amswers i obsessed over c.p to the point i pushed for a brain ultrasound (which was clear) i believed he used one side more...one eye was in a differant direction...Vomitting...Leaning forward in the bumbo and looked hunched...rolled to one side...Funny tongue movements and noises i belived were involuntary..
The clunky baby arm movements i beleived were spasms...You name it...i saw it...(Not saying you are not seeing these things,and what i saw was there!) But like clock work he met each milestone on time...hes 2 now & sings his whole ABC...Full nursery rhymes...walks runs jumps..and is a happy healthy little boy...i think i had a very bad anxiety issue after his illness...and like anything...If you read about symptoms...A lot will be there in normal children if you look for it...Your baby sounds totally fine to me...And id love you to update this post that all is ok as i think it will be smile

Stormei Mon 29-Apr-19 08:28:39

My Dd was born with one very stiff arm and didn’t like a one foot to touch anything, it would spring up. She was diagnosed with mild hemiplegia at 2. Children are amazingly plastic though, now 7 you wouldn’t guess. She still favours one hand but can use the other too. She is ok in sport, just comes across as a little less confident. She’s nearly bike riding though, can scoot and no longer stands out. With more activity I reckon she’s improve more, this year I’m seeing strong calf muscles form. She’s certainly never get the diagnosis now and it’s rather forgotten

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