Huge problems with certain noises - tricky....

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HardAsSnails Sun 25-Mar-18 11:07:43

It can help to run a fan or white noise machine in the background at home, it helps muffle the imposing sounds.

abc12345 Sat 24-Mar-18 22:13:14

Have a google of listening programs. They can help get rid of sensitivity to certain frequencies (it’s handriers and lawn mowers with my son)

Blossom4538 Fri 23-Mar-18 18:58:22

Yes, I read a little about Misophonia. We have recently been told by Paed that she is referring to Sensory OT, which is fab.

The problem is, it’s just noises throughout the day, that you don’t realise you are doing, the odd sniffle, cough etc. We use ear defenders for public toilets at times or in cafes if someone has a cold and is nose blowing, lol!!

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BlankTimes Fri 23-Mar-18 18:40:27

Ear Defenders?

Can you refer direct to a sensory OT?

sounds like Misophonia.

Blossom4538 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:39:43

Hi all,

So DD has problems with certain noises, which we can mostly manage as far as possible to help her, BUT it’s the unusual noises that are impacting life at home. She cannot bare any sniffling (whatsoever), coughing, sneezing, nose blowing. It’s making life very tricky, she becomes extremely aggressive towards us.

What can we do? Any strategies which may help? I’m fed up with being punched, pushed, bitten and scratched.

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