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Holiday recommendations for 6yo with autism

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DaftAsABrushi Mon 12-Mar-18 17:36:51

My ds has autism and we desperately want to go on holiday abroad. He’s quite high functioning but very anxious and has sensory processing disorder - specifically with sounds. Fools that we are, we were thinking Eurodisney (if the school will let us go in term time when it’s quieter - my dh and I went early November once and it was so quiet.) if the school day no we’ll reassess - and it’s a big question mark as to whether we’d choose Disney anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative places? I don’t think he’d manage a plane and we can’t drive, so it would have to be via train. We love France and the Netherlands - was thinking maybe Efteling. He also is obsessed with farms and animals in general.

When he was 3 we went to butlins for a long weekend with my family and he loved it! Talked about it for ages. We’re doing that again this year too but wanted to try taking him further afield (just me and dh).

LightTripper Tue 13-Mar-18 09:46:29

Hmmm... what do you like doing in France/Netherlands? I was wondering about SW England or Pembrokeshire if you like outdoorsy stuff... maybe the Eden Project (though I don't know if it gets very busy/noisy at peak times?) Or there are some good farms and wildlife places in the Cotswolds.

Saturdayselling Wed 14-Mar-18 20:42:50

We went to Euro Disney recently, well, in Oct half term. It was amazing. My dd is autistic, same age as your son. We had the green pass or whatever it's called - we just brought along a letter from our GP and collected it at the front. We stayed a few nights in a hotel in Chessy I think.

It was so so fantastic. The card made the whole thing so much better than it would have been. Full marks to Disney. It was also not super busy.

I think the key thing I learned was that things like holidays are a balance of costs and benefits for autistic kids, just like they are for us. So if you're having to contend with going abroad, plus somewhere you've never been before, the pay off has to be big. Disney was big enough to overcome that for us - just about! So go for something he really loves. Farms then!

zzzzz Wed 14-Mar-18 21:59:33

Why do you think the plane would be hard? It’s much easier than a train. My advice would be to try it.

notgivingin789 Fri 16-Mar-18 10:36:12

They have huge water parks in Spain, if your DS loves water, though it can get busy !

Blossom4538 Sun 18-Mar-18 18:59:00

Dd is 6 and most likely HFA, sensory issues, anxiety. I won’t lie, holidays can be hard work but it must be worth it as we keep on going!

Dd enjoys the plane and seems to chill out/sleep. She can find the airport a little tough but just similar to any busy place we go. She is just quite hyper and we have to allow a lot of time for the toilet etc. We are just usually going from a small local airport though and travelling from London this year so going to request assistance with fast track through security and take ear defenders. She is excited though.

Dd always LOVES the water so plenty of pool time and beach. She does like her own space away from people so a Villa has been amazing in the past, but we can’t stretch to that this year. She can go to beach but have quieter time at our villa. I won’t lie, it is quite tiring going away and there are always things which worry her in the accommodation, with her anxiety and such. BUT it is worth it and she loves her hols!

She too loves animals and we go for walks and find the local farm animals etc - we had a mule opposite which we fed every day!! 🤣

I would like to try Disney too. She loves rides but can get overstimulated at theme parks and I remember a particular visit where she seemed like the only child screaming the place down!

She is also interested in Centre Parcs - would this be an option? Or Haven/Hoseasons.

Just to quickly add...all different, but DD was excited about first train journey and actually disliked it and wasn’t keen on sounds/smell etc.

Air travel, not keen on way tummy feels at take off and never used loo on plane, but enjoys it and is fascinated with different airlines now!!

Or how about traveling by Ferry to France?

Blossom4538 Sun 18-Mar-18 19:01:33

Just saw, you already have Butlins planned so discount CP/Haven etc!

Does he like beaches?

Blossom4538 Sun 18-Mar-18 19:03:22

A few friends have enjoyed Eurocamp in France and Italy. Believe they have a few nice locations.

Damonlufc88 Wed 28-Mar-18 22:36:36

We're going Alcudia in June. Asd son is 5. 2.5 hour flight. Amazing beach, nice and flat town. Water park and very scenic.

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